William Mark Simmons – Halflife Chronicles series

William Mark Simmons – Halflife Chronicles series

Apocalypse Pretty Soon!The portents are lining up for the biggest supernatural showdown of all time and¾as if the Big Easy didn’t have enough problems with another hurricane on the way¾New Orleans is due to be the epicenter. Or, more precisely, the storm is vectoring in on half-vampire (but fresh-blood-eschewing) Chris Cs_jthe and his rag-tag coterie of outcast monsters. It seems Cs_jthe’s epic mating with a werewolf lover has produced a child who holds the destiny of several worlds in the balance. And everyone who is anyone¾vampire lord, were-pack leader, and the odd sea monster god and immortal elven princess¾wants to twist this fabled progeny to his or her own power-hungry purposes.The latest thrill-packed, wisecracking entry in the popular "Halflife Chronicles" by witty (and nitty-gritty) goth master, Wm. Mark Simmons!At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management)."[O]ne of those rare novels that combine levity and the supernatural in just the right balance."¾Chronicle on Wm. Mark Simmons’ Habeas Corpses.

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Books list:

Dead Easy – William Mark Simmons.mobi (1.2 MB)
Dead on My Feet – William Mark Simmons.mobi (710.27 KB)
Habeas Corpses – William Mark Simmons.mobi (714.63 KB)
One Foot in the Grave – William Mark Simmons.mobi (1.07 MB)

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