William L. DeAndrea collection

William L. DeAndrea collection


<p>Matt Cobb deals with love and murder on the rinkIn the last installment of the popular Matt Cobb series, the TV network’s expert troubleshooter, faces a literal case of cold-blooded murder. At two in the morning, he stands in a Manhattan ice rink, over the grisly body of Dr. Paul Dinkover. The network was supposed to be taping a figure-skating special, and this discovery can’t be a coincidence. The victim is a psychologist, one so thoroughly disagreeable that any number of people could be considered suspects-including beautiful Wendy Ichimi, the show’s celebrity skater. But while Cobb’s men are mysteriously attacked, he can’t stop thinking about the way Dinkover died gripping an American flag, a symbol or clue he can’t unravel. And as the leads and tension mount, it will take all of Cobb’s strength to keep his cool and remain on his two feet.

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Books list:

William L DeAndrea – [Matt Cobb 01] – Killed in the Ratings (retail) (epub).epub (683.71 KB)
William L DeAndrea – [Matt Cobb 02] – Killed in the Act (retail) (epub).epub (765.3 KB)
William L DeAndrea – [Matt Cobb 03] – Killed with a Passion (retail) (epub).epub (696.14 KB)
William L DeAndrea – [Matt Cobb 04] – Killed on the Ice (retail) (epub).epub (913.25 KB)
William L DeAndrea – [Matt Cobb 05] – Killed in Paradise (retail) (epub).epub (687.62 KB)
William L DeAndrea – [Matt Cobb 06] – Killed on the Rocks (retail) (epub).epub (677.36 KB)
William L DeAndrea – [Matt Cobb 07] – Killed in Fringe Time (retail) (epub).epub (668.67 KB)
William L DeAndrea – [Matt Cobb 08] – Killed in the Fog (retail) (epub).epub (685.03 KB)

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