Volts, A. A. – The Guardian of Threshold

Volts, A. A. – The Guardian of Threshold

A A Volts – [Threshold 01] – The Guardian of Threshold (epub)

A A Volts – [Threshold 01] – The Guardian of Threshold (epub)

Love survives everything… even death. Unfortunately, so does hate.
When Mark wants to see his dead mother again… he gets his chance. But, like everything else in life… it comes at a hefty price.

While normal sixteen-year-old boys are out chasing girls, Mark is floating outside his own body being chased by a nefarious demon.
Death itself can’t keep him from trying to see his dead mother again, but when he disturbs Phasma-the Guardian of Threshold, he may have gone too far.
Forced into Threshold–the mystical world of the dead–to rescue his clumsy best friend; Mark will not only have to defeat Phasma and his army of Night Dwellers, but his own demons if he’s going to save his friend, find his mother and survive the night.

How far would you go to see a dead loved one again?
<ul><li>"A fantastic and unforgettable journey into the astral realm." </li></ul>The Guardian of Threshold is about 90,000 words or about 360 pages long.

From the Inside Flap
Threshold is a world of unsurpassed beauty; a place where the laws of physics breakdown; a world ruled by a delicate balance between good and evil, where many wonders and mysteries are just waiting to be discovered; a world where dreams and realities wed and become entangled. Change one, and you will inevitably change the other.

Phasma Frax or ‘Guardian of the Threshold’, as he is commonly known on Earth by the few that had the misfortune to have met him, preferred to live his days hidden, far away from prying eyes. When he first arrived in Threshold he needed a place where he could remain unseen for days and months at the time. For that purpose alone he allied himself with the ‘Night Dwellers’ and made one of the endless caves below Nightfalls City his home. Hidden deep inside the ‘Cave of Sorrows’ conglomerate, he would finally be able to put his secret plans into action. In return Phasma would provide the Night Dwellers with the protection from outsiders they so desperately sought. 

From the Back Cover
Threshold does not exist in the same realm as you and I. Threshold exists in a different dimension, the dimension where all souls came from and where they all go back to when they die. Threshold is located in a place simply called "the astral" by its inhabitants-a much rarefied and ethereal realm.

According to the very successful and much talked about book "Threshold Natural History – A Dying Master’s Works – Volume Four", here is what one would need to know about Threshold;
An overlooked and very important unknown fact that many unprepared travelers or outsiders-as we like to call them–fail to realize is that, directions in Threshold are very different from the norm; Never-existing, were weird names such:

<ul><li>East</li><li>West</li><li>North</li><li>South</li></ul>Instead they came up with very useful and original names, a rough correlation would be:

<ul><li>DaySide (East) </li><li>NightSide (West) </li><li>UpSide (North) </li><li>Downside (South)</li></ul>Here is an example how this system works; a sea that is seen in DaySide is usually called DaySea while the sea that prevails in NightSide would be called NightSea.

Talking about DaySea, now, that’s a sight to behold, its vast and dreamy emerald-green waters filled with calming waves and tranquil tides at the shore but unrelenting and mighty in its core. So much so that would shy away the most experienced of sailors in the off-season.

DayBeach on the other hand was covered with natural cotton-like sand, with the exception of the occasional giant rock that spread across its vast beaches. Upon close inspection of the enigmatic patterns left on the sand, traces of the local wildlife would be evident.
On an average day a surreal and majestic melody fills the air around DayBeach, in fact the wind is the only orchestrator of this beautiful work of art. At any given day it is possible to hear up to five distinctive songs emanating from various hollow points in the rocks throughout the beach. The soothing music is played as the wind speed the beach zigzagging its way in and out of the rocks. The natural rocks formation and it’s resulting songs are an awe inspiring outlet for nature’s creativity, not to mention that it is considered one of the 10th (tenth) wonders of Threshold followed, closely, by DayCliffs.

DayCliffs in its turn is located just a bit south and its rustic natural rock beds spanned across the whole spectrum of red and beige hues, standing tall as though they are a natural welcoming monument to DaySide and Threshold itself.

Located in the Upside of Threshold stands the UpSea, at about five thousand feet above the ground. Its immense light blue waters on a calm day look much like a sea of shimmering sky and wispy clouds. If you happened to be traveling in the UpSea and did not know where you were, you wouldn’t notice the

immeasurable and almost always deadly waterfall until it was too late.
Named Mammoth Falls by the lucky few brave fools that survived its drop after losing their ships, it was named as such because the last thing one would see before the plunge, was the massive rocks and the mammoths below. You see Mammoth Falls dumps all the waters of UpSea into the Core that converts some of the water into steam and warms most of the water used in Threshold.
Steam by the way is the main power source in Threshold along with clean wind, sun and lightening harvesting technologies.
Just past the Core, there is a shallow water pool of about fifty yards in length; this shallow pool is formed by the vast misty spray that results from the UpSea waters crashing down violently in Mammoth Falls and into the Core. This wading pool stretches all the way to UpSea Beach providing the perfect haven for the more docile wildlife, rumor has that the rainbows near the falls attracts them.
The UpSea Beach is filled with exceptional wildlife creatures, most of which are very passive and friendly. They prefer to live nearby the Living forest because they have easy access to shelter, fresh water and food. Strange white birds the size of dogs fly in and out of the misty spray clouds while animals resembling mammoths roamed around the wading pools modeling their impressive tusks to their female counterparts.

DownSea is located in Downside-the southern part of Threshold- as the scalding waters exited the Core and blended with the cold and sometimes frozen waters of DownSea; the temperature equalized to achieve a perfect balance, a symphony of perfection orchestrated by nature. The collision of the polar opposite waters causes a cloud of white fog to hover a couple of feet above the ocean making navigation in these waters a very hazardous job. Depending on the wind currents, the dense fog can stretch to over forty miles before it is completely dissipated. During lite wind season–which would be comparable to summer on Earth- usually brought a lighter fog that stretched for just over ten miles, while during the heavy wind season–or winter on Earth- brought the heaviest fog; the denser fog was so dangerous that sea travel was nearly impossible closer to the shore.
DownSea is famous and well known for its cold and inhospitable weather, but that is not true near DaySide where the perpetual sunshine, sustains a warm and comfortable climate. The closer one moves to NightSide, the colder and darker it gets. That seemed to be true about the wildlife as well, with predators preferring the darker and colder environments found only in NightSide.

NightSide is home to the highest mountains in Threshold, the NightPeaks, which stands at about twelve thousand feet above UpSea-level. NightSide has never seen the light of day; the only exception is at the top of the highest of peaks, which stands high enough to receive limited amounts of sunrays. 

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