Thomas Scott – The Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Boxed Set

Thomas Scott – The Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Boxed Set

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Detective Virgil Jones thought he understood the Genesis of his past, but Humanity itself is about to show him he only had part of the story. Six wealthy couples are taken from their homes, then robbed of everything they own. The problem for the Major Crimes Unit is this: They have no evidence, no clues, and no idea if the victims are dead or alive. As Virgil Jones and the rest of the MCU investigates, the pressure mounts to find out who is committing the crimes, and more importantly, the location of the victims… Huma Moon–Virgil and Sandy’s live-in nanny has a secret–and she’s kept it to herself for decades. Even her best friend and lover, Delroy Rouche doesn’t know. But Delroy has a secret of his own, one that he’s shared only with Virgil. And when Virgil sends Delroy and Huma to Jamaica to give them time to sort out their lives, he unknowingly sets off a chain of events that will either help them, or kill them… The Pope twins are back with a problem of their own. Their neighbor in the hills of Hanover Parish in Jamaica isn’t the type of person anyone would want living nearby. Roje Brenner owns one of the largest construction businesses on the island, one he uses to launder the profits from his international drug operation. And when Nichole and Nicky Pope discover Delroy’s connection to Brenner, they have to make a choice, one that could cost them everything..

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Books list:

Scott, Thomas – [Virgil Jones 1-4] – (2017, Thomas Scott Books).epub (1.54 MB)
Scott, Thomas – [Virgil Jones 7] – State of Genesis (2019, Unlimited Mystery Thrillers).epub (402.95 KB)
State of Freedom_ A Mystery Thr – Thomas Scott.epub (773.98 KB)
State of Humanity by Thomas Scott.epub (573.22 KB)
StateOfExileAThrillerVirgilJonesMys.epub (506.17 KB)
Thomas Scott – [Virgil Jones Mystery 09] – State of Impact (epub).epub (441.64 KB)

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