Thomas Adcock – Dark Maze

Thomas Adcock – Dark Maze

Dark Maze

<B>Edgar Award Winner: An NYPD detective navigates a lethal labyrinth in this entry in Adcock’s series of "gritty procedurals" (<I>The New York Times Book Review</I>).</B><BR /> <BR /> The old, shabbily dressed man who walks up to Neil Hockaday in the park one morning rambles on semicoherently, though he’s sharp enough to make Hockaday as a cop. He introduces himself as Picasso, makes snide comments about the policeman to an invisible companion-and issues a vague homicidal threat just before his bus leaves.<BR /> <BR /> Born and bred in Hell’s Kitchen and now an NYPD detective, Hockaday has been exposed to plenty of strange characters. But Picasso’s haunting words-and the killings that follow-soon have the officer searching the city for someone who considers murder his masterpiece . . .

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