Susan Howatch collection

Susan Howatch collection


<p>Young, lonely, and insecure, Alice Fletcher is on the verge of emotional collapse when she stumbles into St. Benet’s Church to dodge the London drizzle. There, she witnesses a group of gifted healers led by the charismatic Nicholas Darrow. Gaining refuge at last, Alice is drawn–inexorably, seductively–into the complex network of relationships at St. Benet’s healing center–as she falls immediately, dangerously, in love with Darrow himself.

Yet Darrow and his cutting-edge clergy are not all what they seem. And while Nicholas’s dazzling powers now threaten to ruin all he attempts to save–including his own disturbed marriage–Alice’s devotion to him deepens. Then a devastating tragedy transports her to the shocking center of truth. Yet fueled by her love for Nicholas and a boldly emerging intuition, she will hold together the lives spinning wildly out of control–as she herself is transformed forever.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Books list:

Susan Howatch – Cashelmara (v5.0) (epub).epub (1.59 MB)
Susan Howatch – Penmarric (retail) (epub).epub (1.63 MB)
Susan Howatch – Sins of the Fathers.epub (1.57 MB)
Susan Howatch – The Dark Shore (epub).epub (339.98 KB)
Susan Howatch – The Rich are Different (retail) (epub).epub (1.63 MB)
Susan Howatch – The Shrouded Walls.epub (176.89 KB)
Susan Howatch – The Wheel of Fortune (retail) (epub).epub (2.04 MB)
Susan Howatch – [Church of England 01] – Glittering Images (retail) (epub).epub (627.34 KB)
Susan Howatch – [Church of England 02] – Glamorous Powers.epub (480.87 KB)
Susan Howatch – [Church of England 03] – Ultimate Prizes.epub (656 KB)
Susan Howatch – [Church of England 04] – Scandalous Risks.epub (406.82 KB)
Susan Howatch – [Church of England 05] – Mystical Paths.epub (483 KB)
Susan Howatch – [Church of England 06] – Absolute Truths.epub (855.92 KB)
Susan Howatch – [St Benet's 01] – The Wonder Worker (A Question of Integrity) (retail) (epub).epub (2.26 MB)
Susan Howatch – [St Benet's 02] – The High Flyer (retail) (epub).epub (623.53 KB)
Susan Howatch – [St Benet's 03] – The Heartbreaker (retail) (epub).epub (819.4 KB)

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