Simon Morden collection

Simon Morden collection

It starts with a mystery: an old manor house is surrounded by an impenetrable bubble, and all that lives within it seems to wither and die.
Investigating, the Army find two men inside the house: men who vanished some 100 years ago but who have now reappeared, and as young as the day they disappeared.
There are rumours of a machine which could puncture the dimensions, allowing man to travel beyond the bounds of the Earth … and for other things to travel here.
Another day, another war.
’Reading like a UNIT-era ‘Doctor Who’ this is a ‘us = good, them = bad’ story with no new-age sensibilities to worry about … a ‘Boy’s Own’ action adventure complete with tentacled monsters and baying mobs.’
Sue Davies,
’This short novel is fast-paced, action-packed, and a page-turner. It is a mix of horror, time-travel, military action, suspense, and science-fiction, with a little bit of ancient history thrown into the mix. For the most part, Morden’s writing is concise and fluid. Many of the scenes, particularly the action sequences, are very well done, almost cinematic in scope. This book would actually make a really good summer blockbuster popcorn movie.’
Chris Welch, Hellnotes
Shortlisted for the 2006 World Fantasy Award.

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Books list:

Simon Morden – Another War (v5.0).epub (1.23 MB)
Simon Morden – Arcanum (v5.0) (epub).epub (1.19 MB)
Simon Morden – Macsen Against the (410.55 KB)
Simon Morden – The Lost Art.epub (373.85 KB)
Simon Morden – [Samuil Petrovitch 01] – Equations of Life (epub).epub (682.19 KB)
Simon Morden – [Samuil Petrovitch 02] – Theories of Flight (epub).epub (710.01 KB)
Simon Morden – [Samuil Petrovitch 03] – Degrees of Freedom (v5.0) (epub).epub (530.5 KB)

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