SashaCurves – Date Night With Mom

SashaCurves – Date Night With Mom

SashaCurves – Date Night With Mom



"You’ve taken Mom out to dinner to catch up since after moving out, you haven’t seen her as much as you used to. You both miss each other and Mom admits she wishes all dates would go as smoothly as this lovely little date with her son! You agree that the dating scene is a nightmare these days and have a laugh together – wouldn’t it just be easier if you could just date each other! Later, back at Mom’s, Mom tells you it’s time to get off to bed and jokes that if any other date had gone this well, she’d be inviting the guy to bed with her. You decide this is the moment to make your move and you begin caressing her leg. She pulls away, thinking you’re joking at first. But you keep touching then move on to undoing the straps of her dress as she tries to resist you. Fighting against your advances and her own depraved desires, Mom tries to reason with you. It’s wrong and she can’t let this happen! You push her back against the sofa and pull your cock out and soon enough, Mom’s not resisting anymore…


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