Samantha Sez Audio collection

Samantha Sez Audio collection


Cover Art\
101 Horny Shooters.mp3
2 on 1.mp3
3 Way Girl.mp3
50 Shades of Samantha.mp3
A Good Spanking.mp3
Addicted 2 Panties.mp3
Alien Abduction.mp3
An Eros Loop.mp3
Arabian Princess 01.mp3
Ask Me.mp3
Barbie Bimbo.mp3
Beach House Encounter RF.mp3
Bend Over.mp3
Bend Over part 2.mp3
Bend Over part 3.mp3
Bless Feminine Fun.mp3
Blessing – Constant Cum Production 2.mp3
Blessing – Constant Cum Production Loop.mp3
Blessing – Continuous Cum Production.mp3
Body Hair Removal Habit.mp3
Bondage Chair 01.mp3
Brainwash Sissy.mp3
Brainwashed in Trance.mp3
Brainwashed Slave.mp3
Brainwashing 101.mp3
Brilliant Disguise.mp3
Capture Your Secret.mp3
Caught and Punished 01.mp3
Caught and Punished 02.mp3
Caught and Punished 03.mp3
CEI Programming.mp3
Cheap Thrill 01.mp3
Compliance 101.mp3
Compliance 202.mp3
Compliance 303.mp3
Compliance 404.mp3
Compliance 505.mp3
Costume Party Surprise 01.mp3
Cross Training 01.mp3
Cross Training 02.mp3
Curse Stroke Sissy.mp3
Dancing Sexy.mp3
Deep Trance.mp3
Destiny 01.mp3
Devotion Loop.mp3
Dream Stalker.mp3
Dreaming of a Certain Guy.mp3
Dress for Success.mp3
Dress Up.mp3
Email Slave.mp3
Erection On Command.mp3
Evil Jeannie 04.mp3
Evil Jeannie 1.mp3
Evil Jeannie 3.mp3
Fearless Girlfriend 01.mp3
Female Bondage Story.mp3
Female Multiple Orgasm.mp3
Feminine Fun.mp3
Foot Fetish.mp3
Freeze Fem.mp3
Get Hard For Me NOW.mp3
Girl U Want.mp3
Girlfriend in Confidence.mp3
Glory Hole Choices.mp3
Glory Hole Fantasy.mp3
Good Boy Trigger.mp3
Good Girl.mp3
Holo Deck 1.mp3
Holo Deck 1 Prototype.mp3
Hot 4 Teacher 1.mp3
Hot 4 Teacher 2.mp3
Hotel Hookup.mp3
Hungry Ass.mp3
Hypnotic Confessions 1.mp3
Hypnotic Control.mp3
Hypnotic Sex Toy.mp3
IDOJ 01.mp3
IDOJ 2.mp3
IDOJ 3.mp3
IDOJ 4 Slaves.mp3
IDOJ 5.mp3
Intense Orgasm Trigger.mp3
Irresistible 01.mp3
Jerk Off Instructions 01.mp3
JO CEI.mp3
LapDance Lover.mp3
Leading Lady.mp3
Leg Man 01.mp3
Like The First Time.mp3
Long Female Hair.mp3
Longer and Stronger.mp3
Love Slave 01.mp3
Love Slave 02.mp3
Love Workout.mp3
Lucid Sexual Dreams – LSD.mp3
Mistaken Identity.mp3
Mistress Samantha 01.mp3
MSJ A1.mp3
MSJ A2.mp3
My Asian Girl 01.mp3
My Asian Girl 02.mp3
My Slave 1.mp3
My Slave 2.mp3
Nail Salon adventure 2.mp3
Naked Witchcraft.mp3
Nipple Orgasm Trigger.mp3
Only Real Men.mp3
Oriental Massage 02.mp3
Penis Enlargement.mp3
Persuasion 01.mp3
PIED Cure.mp3
Pink Collar 01.mp3
Pink Collar 2 The Right Stuff.mp3
Pink Collar 4 Dress for Success.mp3
Pink Collar 5 Sub Sandwich.mp3
Pink Collar of Submission.mp3
Pink Collar Surprise.mp3
Pink Thoughts.mp3
Porn Loop.mp3
Princess Power.mp3
Rubber Sissy Slut.mp3
Samantha In Control 01.mp3
Samantha In Control 02.mp3
Samantha Sez Beg.mp3
Samantha Sez Buy.mp3
Samantha Sez Dream.mp3
Samantha Sez Gay.mp3
Samantha Sez I.mp3
Samantha Sez II.mp3
Samantha Sez III.mp3
Samantha Sez Love.mp3
Samantha Sez Puppet.mp3
Samantha Sez Revised.mp3
Samantha Sez Rim Job Trigger.mp3
Samantha Sez Sissy.mp3
Samantha Sez Taken.mp3
Secret Surprise.mp3
Seduced to Serve 1.mp3
Seduced to Serve 2.mp3
Seduced to Serve 4.mp3
Sex Therapist 01.mp3
Sex Therapist 02.mp3
Sexy Black Stockings.mp3
Sissy Girl.mp3
Sissy Lesson.mp3
Sissy Slut.mp3
Sissy Time Trigger.mp3
Sissy Training a Taste of Honey.mp3
Strip Club 01.mp3
Subliminal Persuasion 02.mp3
Subliminal Sex.mp3
Submissive Bliss.mp3
Sushi Lover.mp3
Talking to Women.mp3
TG BDSM 1.mp3
Tgirl Fantasy 01.mp3
TGirl Tag Team 1.mp3
TGirl Tag Team 2.mp3
TGirl Tag Team 3.mp3
Total Chastity.mp3
Total Recall 1.mp3
Totally Triggered 01.mp3
Trapped 01.mp3
Trapped 02.mp3
Tricked 01.mp3
Tricked 02.mp3
Trigger Fun.mp3
Trigger Happy.mp3
Trusting Samantha 01.mp3
Trusting Samantha 02.mp3
Ultra Fem 01.mp3
University Master 1.mp3
Vampire Lust 01.mp3
Wipe Clean.mp3
Wipe Clean v2.mp3

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