Robin Stevens collection

Robin Stevens collection

My name is Ted Spark. I am 12 years and 281 days old. I have seven friends.
Three months ago, I solved the mystery of how my cousin Salim disappeared from a pod on the London Eye.
This is the story of my second mystery.
This summer, I went on holiday to New York, to visit Aunt Gloria and Salim. While I was there, a painting was stolen from the Guggenheim Museum, where Aunt Gloria works.
Everyone was very worried and upset. I did not see what the problem was. I do not see the point of paintings, even if they are worth £9.8 million. Perhaps that’s because of my very unusual brain, which works on a different operating system to everyone else’s.
But then Aunt Gloria was blamed for the theft – and Aunt Gloria is family. And I realised just how important it was to find the painting, and discover who really had taken it.

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Books list:

Robin Stevens – The Guggenheim Mystery – Siobhan Dowd (retail).epub (3.3 MB)
Robin Stevens – [Murder Most Unladylike Mini Mystery 01] – The Case of the Blue Violet (epub).epub (224.63 KB)
Robin Stevens – [Murder Most Unladylike Mini Mystery 02] – The Case of the Deepdean Vampire.epub (257.06 KB)
Robin Stevens – [Murder Most Unladylike Mini Mystery 03] – The Case of the Missing Treasure.epub (2.38 MB)
Robin Stevens – [Wells & Wong Mystery 006] – Cream Buns and Crime.epub (14.87 MB)

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