Red Rain by R.S. Black (ePUB)

Red Rain by R.S. Black
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 359 KB, Urban Fantasy
Pandora has been through hell and back. Literally. She’s been kidnapped and tortured, found freedom, and then lost it all over again. She’s now the newest pawn in the age-old war between Heaven and Hell. The Triad owns her mark, Asher owns her heart, but the demon Wrath might just own her soul. 
Death—aka Dean—is her constant companion in these final days. She knows she can’t afford to trust anyone, and yet, she can’t afford not to. Armageddon breathes down her neck. Her only hope at redemption might just lie in the hands of her one-time lover now turned comatose enemy, Luc. Asher believes her a traitor to her people. Bubba and Vyxen are out for her blood. Friends are enemies and enemies might just be friends. Her only chance at walking away from this alive is figuring out who is who before it’s too late and she’s transformed into the creature of legend. The creature destined to bring about the end of all mankind, the Scarlet Woman. 
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