R. A. Lafferty collection

R. A. Lafferty collection

R. A. Lafferty collection


Fourth Mansions:  Fourth Mansions was inspired by Teresa of Ávila’s Interior Castle, & contains quotations from the book, which quotations Lafferty uses as chapter headings. The Interior Castle is a metaphor for an individual’s soul; its different rooms, different states of the soul. In the middle of the Castle the soul is in the purest state, which equals Heaven. Lafferty uses more complex symbols to bring colorfully into life his many-sided tale of an individual’s reaching towards Heaven or Truth.

Take a trip thru a psychedelic reality, with seven very special people blending to create a higher form of humanity: A laughing man living alone on a mountaintop, guarding the world. The Returnees: men who live again & again, century after century. A dog-ape “Plappergeist,” who can only be seen out of the corner of one’s eye. A young man named Foley, very much like us, who begins to find out about the above people & things, & how they’re reshaping the world!

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Lafferty, R A – Melchisedek 01 – Tales of Chicago.epub
Lafferty, R A – Melchisedek 02 – Tales of Midnight.epub
Lafferty, R A – Melchisedek 03 – Argo.epub
Lafferty, R A – Melchisedek 04.epub
Lafferty, R A – Not to Mention Camels.epub
Lafferty, R A – Past Master (v2.0).epub
Lafferty, R A – Stories 1.epub
Lafferty, R A – Stories 2.epub
Lafferty, R A – Stories 3.epub
Lafferty, R A – Stories 4.epub
Lafferty, R A – Stories 5.epub
Lafferty, R A – The Devil Is Dead – 01 – The Devil Is Dead.epub
Lafferty, R A – The Elliptical Grave.epub
Lafferty, R.A. – Fourth Mansions v2.0.epub
R A Lafferty – [The Devil Is Dead 02] – The Devil Is Dead.epub
R A Lafferty – Summa Risus- The Collected Non-Fiction (epub).epub
R A Lafferty – The Elliptical Grave.epub
R A Lafferty – The Man Who Talled Tales- The Collected Short Stories (v2.2) (epub).epub
R A Lafferty – The Reefs of Earth.mobi

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