R.C. Sproul collection

R.C. Sproul collection


Central to God’s character is the quality of holiness. Yet, even so, most people are hard-pressed to define what God’s holiness precisely is. Many preachers today avoid the topic altogether because people today don’t quite know what to do with words like “awe” or “fear.” R. C. Sproul, in this classic work, puts the holiness of God in its proper and central place in the Christian life. He paints an awe-inspiring vision of God that encourages Christian to become holy just as God is holy. Once you encounter the holiness of God, your life will never be the same

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Abortion_ A Rational Look at an Emo (7729)\
Are These the Last Days__ 20 (Cruc (14014)\
Believing God_ Twelve Biblical Prom (7734)\
Can I Be Sure I’m Saved__ 7 (Crucia (1810)\
Can I Have Joy in My Life_ 12 (Cruc (1801)\
Can I Know God’s Will__ 4 (Crucial (1804)\
Can I Lose My Salvation__ 22 (Cruc (14016)\
Can I Trust the Bible__ 2 (Crucial (1806)\
Chosen by God (1830)\
Defending Your Faith_ An Introducti (1813)\
Does God Control Everything__ 14 (C (1797)\
Does Prayer Change Things__ 3 (Cruc (1803)\
Essential Truths of the Christian F (1826)\
Everyone’s a Theologian_ An Introdu (3952)\
Faith Alone_ The Evangelical Doctri (3953)\
Five Things Every Christian Needs t (3975)\
God’s Love_ How the Infinite God Ca (7730)\
How Can I Develop a Christian Consc (1827)\
How Should I Live in This World__ 5 (1805)\
John (St. Andrew’s Expositional Com (1831)\
Knowing Scripture (1824)\
New Geneva Introduction to the New (3956)\
New Geneva Introduction to the Old (3957)\
Not a Chance_ The Myth of Chance i (12444)\
Romans (7862)\
Taste of Heaven_ Worship in the Lig (7732)\
The Consequence of Ideas (3950)\
The Holiness of God (3958)\
The Prayer of the Lord (3959)\
The Promises of God_ Discovering th (8555)\
The Spirit of Revival (6341)\
The Truth of the Cross (1825)\
The Work of Christ_ What the Events (3164)\
What Can I Do With My Guilt__ 9 (Cr (1798)\
What Does It Mean to Be Born Again_ (1808)\
What is Baptism__ 11 (Crucial Quest (1802)\
What Is Faith__ 8 (Crucial Question (1809)\
What is Reformed Theology__ Underst (1812)\
What Is Repentance_ 18 (Crucial Q (14013)\
What is The Church__ 17 (Crucial Qu (1829)\
What is the Great Commission__ 21 (14015)\
What is The Lord’s Supper__ 16 (Cru (1828)\
What Is the Relationship between C (14012)\
What is the Trinity__ 10 (Crucial Q (1800)\
Who Is Jesus__ 1 (Crucial Question (3964)\
Who is the Holy Spirit__ 13 (Crucia (1799)\
Willing to Believe (3966)\


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