Poppi Cassandra – Really Ridiculously Confused

Poppi Cassandra – Really Ridiculously Confused

Renegade. Superhero. Lesbian? Life’s about to get confusing. On a war-torn field in ancient America, the legendary warrior-king, Xerxun breaths his last breath. 50,000 years later, his descendant-Brie Brooke-flees her family home to protect Xerxun’s skull, inadvertently inheriting his abilities and becoming the superhero Ancestor. But Brie’s mother and uncle want Xerxun’s skull for themselves, dispatching their vile minion, Annex, to hunt her across the country. If Brie hopes to keep the skull safe, she’ll need a superpowered ally. She’ll need Stonemancer. Only, Stonemancer isn’t just the ally Brie thought she’d be. She’s funny, badass, and kinda. hot? Brie isn’t gay. She likes boys-not girls! She’s straight! …Right? REALLY RIDICULOUSLY CONFUSED, an LGBT romance filled with superpowers and self-discovery. Book 0 in the Ancestral Hearts Trilogy

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