Owen Laukkanen collection

Owen Laukkanen collection

<p>On a midsummer day in 1937, Boris Bibikov kissed his two daughters goodbye and disappeared. One of those girls, Lyudmila, was to fall in love with a tall young foreigner in Moscow at the height of the Cold War and embark on a dangerous and passionate affair. Decades later, a reporter in nineties Moscow, her son Owen Matthews pieces together his grandfather’s passage through the harrowing world of Stalin’s purges, and tells the story of his parents’ Cold War love affair through their heartbreaking letters and memories. Stalin’s Children is a raw, vivid memoir about a young man’s struggle to understand his parents’ lives and the history of the strange country in which they lived.

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Books list:

Owen Laukkanen – Magazine – All Due Respect – 002 (epub).epub (175.85 KB)
Owen Laukkanen – [McKeena Rhodes 01] – Gale Force (retail).epub (1.05 MB)
Owen Laukkanen – [Neah Bay 01] – Deception Cove.epub (1.51 MB)
Owen Laukkanen – [Stevens and Windermere 01] – The Professionals (epub).epub (424.2 KB)
Owen Laukkanen – [Stevens and Windermere 02] – Criminal Enterprise (epub).epub (653.87 KB)
Owen Laukkanen – [Stevens and Windermere 03] – Kill Fee (retail) (epub).epub (889.67 KB)
Owen Laukkanen – [Stevens and Windermere 04] – The Stolen Ones (retail) (epub).epub (946.5 KB)
Owen Laukkanen – [Stevens and Windermere 05] – The Watcher in the Wall (retail) (epub).epub (736.39 KB)
Owen Laukkanen – [Stevens and Windermere 06] – The Forgotten Girls (retail).epub (1.08 MB)
Owen Laukkanen, Owen Matthews – How to Win at High School (retail) (epub).epub (787.66 KB)
Owen Laukkanen, Owen Matthews – Stalin’s Children – Three Generations of Love, War, and Survival (epub).epub (2.04 MB)
Owen Laukkanen, Owen Matthews – The Fixes (retail) (epub).epub (1.25 MB)

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