Niall Teasdale collection

Niall Teasdale collection


Niall Teasdale collection


Penny Worthington was a very ordinary girl in a city where people did extraordinary things. Since the fifties the Ultrahumans have been making waves on both sides of the law, and Penny has watched from the side lines since she was a child. She has always been happy with that; Penny is the ugly duckling who never quite managed to turn into a swan.

Then, one Christmas, Penny is given all she could dream of: beauty, power, the ability to go out and right the wrongs she sees all around her. She’s an Ultrahuman, the swan she always could have been.

But in Millennium City, where ugly is always just below the glossy surface, can one swan make a difference?


Liberty – Niall Teasdale\
6 The Lowest Depths of Shame\
Hunting Mink (Ultrahumans_Book_3)\
5 The Greatest Heights of Honour\
The Ghost in the Doll by Niall Teasdale\
3 Steel Heart\
Fox Hunt Niall Teasdale\
Niall Teasdale [Fox Meridian 02] – Inescapable\
4 The Winter War\
Teasdale, Niall – [Ultrahuman 01] – Ugly (epub mobi)\
True Dark (Ultrahuman Book 6)\
Frostburn (Ultrahuman_Book 4)\
Ugly (Ultrahumans_Book 1)\
1 Steel Beneath the Skin\
2 The Cold Steel Mind\
Niall Teasdale – [Ultrahumans 08] – Royal Flush\
DeathWeb – Niall Teasdale (EPUB).epub
Emergence – Niall Teasdale (EPUB).epub
Guardian (Ultrahumans Book 5) – Niall Teasdale.epub
Niall Teasdale – Hunter’s Kiss (Princeps Venator 1).epub
Be My Valentine – Niall Teasdale (EPUB).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 03] – Legacy (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 10] – The Other Side of Hell (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 01] – Thaumatology 101 (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 11] – For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – Hope (Aneka Jansen 7).mobi
Niall Teasdale – Shadows (Ultrahuman 2).mobi
The Girl Who Dreamed of a Diffe – Niall Teasdale.epub
Dominance – Niall Teasdale.epub
The Zanari Inheritance – Niall Teasdale (EPUB).epub
Criminal Mind – Niall Teasdale (EPUB).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 05] – Disturbia (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 09] – Dragonfall (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 04] – Dragon’s Blood (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 06] – Hammer of Witches (epub).epub
Eden Burning – Niall Teasdale (EPUB).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 12] – Vengeance (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 07] – Eagle’s Shadow (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 02] – Demon’s Moon (epub).epub
Niall Teasdale – [Thaumatology 08] – Ancient (epub).epub

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