Natalie Wonder – Truth Or Dare With Mommy

Natalie Wonder – Truth Or Dare With Mommym



It’s such a boring, rainy day out. What do you two want to do? A board game? Ugh no, that’s boring. Mommy has a better idea…what about something a little more adventuresome…like a game of truth or dare? I think your little sister wants to play too. Mommy will go first. Go ahead, ask me truth or dare. I’ll start with truth. Baby, are you serious with that question? Your little sister is here! Not appropriate. You shouldn’t ask Mommy how many people she’s had sex with. You want to play dirty? FINE. Mommy can play dirty too. I’ll answer your question though…. Now it’s Mommy’s turn. This game is getting naughtier and naughtier. Just wait till we get to the DARES. I can’t believe you both are getting naked already. This is an X-rated truth or dare. Mommy’s type of game.

Sweetie, your little sister is way too young for this sort of game but she seems to be having fun. As a Mother, I shouldn’t allow this game to continue. But who am I kidding? We’re just one big pervy family. I am shocked at the filthy things your little Sister wants to do! Mmmm and YOU my boy, are so naughty to be wanting to do these things with your little sister. Mommy loves nothing more than to watch her two young ones get along in such a close, loving way. Another DARE… That’s it…stick your fingers inside her, Mommy will guide you. She’s so tight. Mommy wants to touch too. You finger fuck her sweet little cunt while I play with her clit. Don’t you love watching her spread her legs? You like her body sweetie? Like rubbing up against it? Mmmm yeah baby how’s that feel? She’s being such a good, BAD little girl. So who’s turn is it now? Truth or dare? How naughtier can we get?


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