Michael S. Heiser — 4 books

Michael S. Heiser — 4 books

TODAY’S CHRISTIANS NEED A SUPERNATURAL WORLDVIEW. Start with a skeptical, naturalistic culture. Add the church’s tendency to avoid or gloss over difficult supernatural Bible passages. The result: most Christians miss the supernatural worldview of the ancient authors, and misunderstand Scripture. The Bible is full of passages that offer mysterious, little-known promises and revelations-but too often we misread them because we think, “This can’t mean what it seems to mean.” But it does. And one thing is for sure: Readers of this book will never read their Bibles in the same way again. Their understanding of God, and their hunger to find out more, will grow. While this book contains “mind bombs” that will intrigue and amaze the average Christian, they won’t undermine any core beliefs. Instead, readers will find themselves engaged in an enthusiastic pursuit of the truth, resulting in a new appreciation for God’s Word. A quick glance at the movie and book best-seller lists demonstrates that today’s culture is fascinated by the supernatural. The Bible has all of the supernatural drama with one unique difference-it’s all true.

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Books list:

Michael S Heiser – Reversing Hermon Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ.epub (475.47 KB)
Supernatural_ What the Bible Teaches about the Ueen World And Why It Matters – Michael S. Heiser.epub (290.39 KB)
Michael S. Heiser – The Facade.pdf (1.15 MB)
The Unseen Realm – Michael S. Heiser.mobi (1.36 MB)

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