Mark Henshaw collection

Mark Henshaw collection

Mark Henshaw

Decorated current CIA analyst Mark Henshaw continues the Red Cell series with an "authentic, compelling, and revealing" (Jason Matthews) thriller following CIA analyst Jonathan Burke and agent Kyra Stryker, as they try to save the CIA’s sources in Russia after a major intelligence breach leaves Moscow Station in ruins.
When a body with Russian military tattoos is found floating in a lake outside Berlin, the CIA immediately takes notice. The body is identified as the director of Russia’s Foundation for Advanced Nuclear Research, who is also a CIA asset. And the murder coincides with the defection of one of the CIA’s upper-level officers.

Alden Maines, is jaded after years in the CIA cleaning up the messes of incompetent political appointees in dangerous foreign posts. When he is passed over for promotion, Maines crosses the Rubicon and decides to cash in as a double agent for Russia.

But while Maines dreams of off-shore bank accounts and a new secret life,…

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Books list:

Mark Henshaw – Out of the Line of Fire (retail) (epub).epub (364.88 KB)
Mark Henshaw – [Red Cell 01] – Red Cell (epub) (retail).epub (1.3 MB)
Mark Henshaw – [Red Cell 01] – Red Cell (epub).epub (1.05 MB)
Mark Henshaw – [Red Cell 02] – Cold Shot (epub).epub (356.18 KB)
Mark Henshaw – [Red Cell 03] – The Fall of Moscow Station (retail) (epub).epub (4.27 MB)
Mark Henshaw – [Red Cell 04] – The Last Man in Tehran (retail).epub (596.87 KB)
Mark Henshaw -The Snow Kimono.epub (649.58 KB)

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