Marina Lewycka collection

Marina Lewycka collection

<p>Ox-Tales is a set of four compelling and collectible books, each themed on one of the elements. ‘Earth’ features stories by Rose Tremain, Jonathan Coe, Marti Leimbach, Kate Atkinson, Ian Rankin, Marina Lewycka, Hanif Kureishi, Jonathan Buckley and Nicholas Shakespeare, and a poem by Vikram Seth. The idea behind Ox-Tales is to raise money for Oxfam and along the way to highlight the charity’s work in project areas: agriculture in Earth, water projects in Water, conflict aid in Fire, and climate change in Air. The four books will play a central role in the first ever Oxfam Bookfest, a new annual event launching in July 2009. Created in partnership with Hay Festival, the program includes more than 300 events across the UK.

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Books list:

Marina Lewycka – A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian (epub).epub (231.85 KB)
Marina Lewycka – The Lubetkin Legacy (retail) (epub).epub (1.25 MB)
Marina Lewycka – Two Caravans (epub).epub (235.05 KB)
Marina Lewycka – Various Pets Alive and Dead (epub).epub (466.14 KB)
Marina Lewycka – We Are All Made of Glue (epub).epub (314.93 KB)
Ox-Tales – Earth – Ian Rankin, Kate Atkinson, Jonathan Coe, Marina Lewycka, Nicholas Shakespeare, et al (retail) (epub).epub (2.14 MB)

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