Lindsay Bryan-Podvin – The Financial Anxiety Solution

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin – The Financial Anxiety Solution

The Financial Anxiety Solution – Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Discover how to overcome money stress, make smarter money moves, and find financial freedom with this life-changing interactive guide!
Most adults today experience some degree of anxiety. In the United States alone, 51% of adults report feeling anxious. And what is one of the top causes of this chronic anxiety? Money.

Financial anxiety is ranked #2 in terms of what is stressing Americans out. And the more anxious a person is about money, the less likely they are to take action toward improving their financial health. Hitting a little close to home? Now that your heart rate is up, here’s the good news-anxiety is treatable and financial literacy is easier than you think. The Financial Anxiety Solution will show you how to conquer money-related stress and take control of your financial life.

Inside, you’ll find:
<li>Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques for developing anxiety coping skills</li> <li>Interactive quizzes to help identify…

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