Lila Felix collection

Lila Felix collection

Tate Halloway lives life to the fullest. She had a rough childhood and a rougher adolescence. Now that she’s away at school and on her own for the first time in her life, nothing can hold her back from making the most out of every single day. Well, just that one thing. But she refuses to think about. And why would she, when life is so much more fun when you’re living it, experiencing every little thing.
When she bumps into Bridger Wright, a childhood friend that was both a bully and a serious crush, she starts to see that not everyone thinks like her. She’s always had a thing for Bridger, but the guy she catches up with is a far cry from the little boy that used to put toads down her dress and pull her ponytails. She knows there’s more to Bridger than this sulking, disconnected version of him and she’s bound and determined to pull it out of him.
Bridger Wright has been spurned in love more than once. He always seems to trust the wrong girls and end up with a broken heart. He’s tired of it. And he has resolved himself to a life without love. He believes he’s better off, if only he could convince Tate too. Tate bursts into Bridger’s life like sunlight through clouds. She’s vivacious, energetic and adventurous. But she’s not without secrets. Just as Bridger starts to open up to her demanding presence and the feelings he can’t seem to deny, his trust is broken again.
Bridger and Tate are forced to face each other and the pain of their past. Neither wants to face their demons and deal with their hurt, but neither can deny the depth of their feelings for each other.
Their brazing love will take work and sacrifice. Both are capable of giving to each other. Both will have to decide whether or not it’s worth it.

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Books list:

Lila Felix & Rachel Higginson – [Forged in Fire 01] – Striking (epub).epub (673.53 KB)
Lila Felix & Rachel Higginson – [Forged in Fire 02] – Brazing (epub).epub (330.61 KB)
Lila Felix – Alpha’s Queen_(A_Havenwood_Falls_Novella).epub (216.02 KB)
Lila Felix – Dethroning Crown (epub).epub (362.74 KB)
Lila Felix – Doll of Mine (epub).epub (106.17 KB)
Lila Felix – Emerge (epub).epub (230.77 KB)
Lila Felix – His Haunted Heart.epub (245.89 KB)
Lila Felix – Hoax (epub).epub (196.17 KB)
Lila Felix – Perchance (epub).epub (261.84 KB)
Lila Felix – Seeking Havok (epub).epub (553.7 KB)
Lila Felix – [AnguiSH 001] – AnguiSH (epub).epub (283.72 KB)
Lila Felix – [AnguiSH 01.5] – Heart Breaker (epub).epub (167.33 KB)
Lila Felix – [Bayou Bear Chronicle 01] – Burden (epub).epub (294.81 KB)
Lila Felix – [Bayou Bear Chronicle 02] – Hearten (epub).epub (286.24 KB)
Lila Felix – [Bayou Bear Chronicle 03] – Engraven (epub).epub (336.98 KB)
Lila Felix – [Bayou Bear Chronicle 05] – Molten.epub (308.59 KB)
Lila Felix – [Lightning 01] – Lightning In My Wake (epub).epub (223.15 KB)
Lila Felix – [Love and Skate 01] – Love and Skate (epub).epub (247.21 KB)
Lila Felix – [Love and Skate 02] – How It Rolls (epub).epub (332.9 KB)
Lila Felix – [Love and Skate 03] – Down ‘N’ Derby (epub).epub (356.88 KB)
Lila Felix – [Love and Skate 04] – Caught in a Jam (epub).epub (247.82 KB)
Lila Felix – [Love and Skate 05] – False Start (epub).epub (277.36 KB)
Lila Felix – [Love and Skate Spin-off 01] – The Second Jam (epub).epub (316.48 KB)
Lila Felix – [Lucent 01] – Lightning Kissed.epub (711.83 KB)
Lila Felix – [Sparrows For Free 01] – Sparrows For Free (epub).epub (371.55 KB)
Lila Felix – [Sparrows For Free 02] – Doves for Sale (epub).epub (229.48 KB)
Lila Felix – [Wilde Shifters 01] – Rebellion.epub (195.86 KB)

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