Lawrence Wright collection

Lawrence Wright collection

In this fascinating work of historical fiction, award-winning author Lawrence Wright captures all the gripping drama and black humor of Panama during the final, nerve-racking days of its legendary dictator, Manuel Antonio Noriega.
It is Christmas 1989, and Tony Noriega’s demons are finally beginning to catch up with him. A former friend of President Bush, Fidel Castro, and Oliver North, this universally reviled strongman is on the run from the U.S. Congress, the Justice Department, the Colombian mob, and a host of political rivals. In his desperation, Tony Noriega seeks salvation from any and all quarters — God, Satan, a voodoo priest, even the spirits of his murdered enemies. But with a million-dollar price on his head and 20,000 American soldiers on his trail, Noriega is fast running out of options.
Drawn from a historical record more dramatic than even the most artful spy novel. God’s Favorite is a riveting and darkly comic fictional account of the events that…

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Books list:

Lawrence Wright – God Save Texas.epub (2.31 MB)
Lawrence Wright – God’s Favorite (v5) (epub).epub (3.29 MB)
Lawrence Wright – In the New World.epub (6.7 MB)
Lawrence Wright – Remembering Satan- A Tragic Case of Recovered Memory (retail) (epub).epub (1.8 MB)
Lawrence Wright – The Looming Tower.epub (1.55 MB)

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