Larry Correia collection

Larry Correia collection

The Olympic Games–man vs. man, woman vs. woman, pushing skills, minds, brains and bodies to their limits in the ultimate competition on Earth. But now mankind has reached the stars and new challenges and possibilities arisen in sports. From alien opponents to literal death defying stakes and more, galactic games have given the ultimate competition a whole new framework. From top selling authors like George R.R. Martin, Mercedes Lackey, Todd McCaffrey, David Farland, and Seanan McGuire to legends like Robert Silverberg and Randall Garrett, Gene Wolfe, Mike Resnick, and Jack C. Haldeman, GALACTIC GAMES offers 20 one of a kind stories of sports in the future. From variations on old classics like downhill figure skating or horse racing with alien kladnars, from baseball played with speedboats to basketball on Mars and golf on the moon, GALACTIC GAMES brings you a new level of competition you’ve never seen before.
"With Focus" by Todd McCaffrey – bowling
"Little Games" by Mercedes Lackey – 1500 meter race
"Regulation" by Seanan McGuire – roller derby
"Earth, Corner Pocket" by Lezli Robyn – billiards
"The Great Kladnar Race" by Randall Garrett and Robert Silverberg – alien horse racing
"Advantages" by Louise Marley – gymnastics
"Louisville Slugger" by Jack C. Haldeman II – baseball
"For The Sake of The Game" by Gray Rinehart – referee story
"Shooter Ready" by Larry Correia – competitive shooting
"Minor Hockey Gods of Barstow Station" by Beth Cato – um hockey, duh
"Pompoms and Circumstance" by Esther Friesner – Cheerleading
"The Olympian" by Mike Resnick – distance running
"Petra and The Blue Goo" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch – scavenger hunting
"Green Moss River" by David Farland – hunting
"The On-Deck Circle" by Gene Wolfe – baseball played on speedboats
"Stress Cracks" by Anthony R Cardno – downhill figure skating
"Run To Starlight" by George R. R. Martin – American football
"Mars Court Rules" by Brad Torgersen – basketball
"Last Shot, First Shot" by Dean Wesley Smith – golf
"The Great Ignorant Race" by Robert Reed – nude Amazing Race/Survivor extreme raceĀ 

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Books list:

Bryan Thomas Schmidt (ed) – Galactic Games.epub (637.02 KB)
Larry Correia & Mike Kupari – [Dead Six 01] – Dead Six.epub (556.64 KB)
Larry Correia & Mike Kupari – [Dead Six 02] – Swords of Exodus (v5.0) (epub).epub (593.75 KB)
Larry Correia & Mike Kupari – [Dead Six 03] – Alliance of Shadows (retail) (epub).epub (543.81 KB)
Detroit Christmas – Larry Correia.epub (32.06 KB)
Larry Correia – [Grimnoir Chronicles 01] – Hard Magic.epub (1.27 MB)
Larry Correia – [Grimnoir Chronicles 02] – Spellbound.epub (1.27 MB)
Larry Correia – [Grimnoir Chronicles 03] – Warbound (retail).epub (1.87 MB)
Larry Correia – Noir Fatale.epub (647.84 KB)
Larry Correia – Target Rich Environment 2.epub (822.09 KB)
Larry Correia – Target Rich Environment.epub (449.93 KB)
Larry Correia – [Forgotten Warrior Saga 01] – Son of the Black Sword.epub (994.65 KB)
Larry Correia – [Forgotten Warrior Saga 02] – House of Assassins.epub (601.86 KB)
Larry Correia – [Malcontents 01] – Into the Storm (epub).epub (971 KB)
Larry Correia – [Malcontents 02] – Into the Wild.epub (1.42 MB)
Larry Correia – [Warlock Sagas 01] – Instruments of War.epub (1.18 MB)
Larry Correia, Bryan Thomas Schmidt – The Monster Hunter Files.epub (793.85 KB)
Larry Correia – The Monster Hunters (Omnibus).epub (1.36 MB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter 01] – International Second Edition.epub (574.61 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter 01] – International.epub (515.76 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter 02] – Vendetta.epub (436.96 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter 03] – Alpha.epub (452.73 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter 04] – Legion.epub (478.33 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter 05] – Nemesis (v5.0) (epub).epub (923.48 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter 06] – Monster Hunter Siege (retail).epub (432.41 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter 07] – Monster Hunter Guardian – Sarah Hoyt.epub (390.62 KB)
Larry Correia, Bryan Thomas Schmidt – The Monster Hunter Files.epub (793.85 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter Memoirs 01] – Grunge – John Ringo.epub (421.25 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter Memoirs 02] – Sinners – John Ringo.epub (391.8 KB)
Larry Correia – [Monster Hunter Memoirs 03] – Saints – John Ringo.epub (766.17 KB)
[Collection] – Called to Battle- Volume One – Larry Correia, Erik Scott de Bie, Orrin Grey, Howard Taylor (epub).epub (1.51 MB)
[Collection] – Space Eldritch – Larry Correia, Howard Tayler, et al (epub).epub (838.05 KB)

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