Kurt Ellis – In the Midst of Wolves

Kurt Ellis – In the Midst of Wolves

Nick Creed, expert criminal profiler, hunts down human monsters for a living. Back in South Africa after working with the fbi, he is haunted by his past mistakes, including the death of his fiancĂ©e. When a young woman is murdered and dismembered in her Johannesburg apartment, Creed’s long-time friend and head of the saps’ Investigative Psychological Unit, Major Eli Grey, enlists his help in investigating the murder – an attempt to save the self-destructing Creed from himself. But not all the Unit’s members welcome his involvement, and there are those intent on exposing his secrets while the murder is being solved. The young woman’s community are convinced she was the victim of a witch called Nomtakhati, but Creed’s hunch points to an angry ex-boyfriend. Who, or what, is really behind the murder? Could it be Nomtakhati, who believes Nick Creed is uSatane? In the Midst of Wolves is a dark psychological thriller about metaphorical demons from the past and the living monsters…

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