Kat Danz – First Night Sharing Bed / katilingus

Kat Danz – First Night Sharing Bed

Kat Danz – First Night Sharing Bed / katilingus




Mom’s making us share a bed tonight. As annoying as that is, what’s even more annoying is that you have a MASSIVE BONER under the blanket! And I just accidentally touched it! Why do you even have that, are you turned on by your sister being in your bed? ..Have you even had sex with a girl yet? Or. done anything else? I just wanna hear about it because I’m still a virgin, I want to know what to expect for my first time, that’s all. Your stories are kind of getting me wet, brother. I think I want to rub you over your pants a little, is that okay? You’re so hard. I want to see your cock, brother. Can I take it out? I want to stroke it. I’m getting so wet under my panties, I have to finger myself while I’m touching you. It all feels so good even though we definitely shouldn’t be doing this right now. Just stay quiet so mom and dad don’t hear us.
You’re getting even harder.. just let me rub your tip against my pussy. I just want to tease myself on your cock. I’m not gonna do anything bad.. it feels so good right up against my entrance. Ohhhh I’m moaning on my brother’s hard cock. My pussy is getting so hot and swollen, I think I need to feel your cock inside of me, brother! Just for a little bit. It’s not that bad, I’ve never had sex before and I need to know how it feels. You need to show me. Help your sister learn how to take a cock.
Oh wow, it’s so big inside me, it’s stretching out my little virgin hole. I didn’t know I could get this wet. Let me ride your cock until you cum, brother! But wait.. I’m not on birth control. And you just came inside me. What if I get pregnant from your cum?


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