Joseph Finder collection

Joseph Finder collection

"Spectacular…The action is unrelenting…Electrifying."-Boston Sunday Herald
The news is shattering: The director of the CIA, Harrison Sinclair, has been killed in a car accident. Sinclair may have been a traitor-or the Agency’s last honest man. Even his son-in-law, Ben Ellison, an attorney and ex-agent, has heard rumors of sinister forces within the Agency that could have ordered Sinclair’s assassination. Soon he is thrust into a web of intrigue and violence beyond his control back into the CIA, and lured into a top-secret espionage project in telepathic ability funded by American intelligence.
"Gripping drama in which nothing is quite what it seems."-Seattle Times
As the project’s first success, Ben uses his "extraordinary powers" in the perilous search for Vladimir Orlov, the exiled former chairman of the KGB-and the only man who might unlock the secret of Sinclair’s death and the whereabouts of a…

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Books list:

Joseph Finder – Company Man (No Hiding Place) (v5.0) (epub).epub (668.55 KB)
Joseph Finder – Extraordinary Powers (v5.0) (epub).epub (926.03 KB)
Joseph Finder – High Crimes (v5.0) (epub).epub (327.22 KB)
Joseph Finder – Judgment.epub (785.86 KB)
Joseph Finder – Killer Instinct (v5.0) (epub).epub (385.5 KB)
Joseph Finder – Neighbors (v1.0).epub (38.98 KB)
Joseph Finder – Paranoia.epub (441.85 KB)
Joseph Finder – Paranoia; Company Man.epub (723.31 KB)
Joseph Finder – Power Play (v5.0).epub (376.37 KB)
Joseph Finder – Suspicion (v5) (epub).epub (974.71 KB)
Joseph Finder – The Fixer (v5).epub (600.41 KB)
Joseph Finder – The Moscow Club (epub).epub (579.23 KB)
Joseph Finder – The Switch (2017).mobi (1.23 MB)
Joseph Finder – The Zero Hour (v5).epub (466.9 KB)
Joseph Finder – [Harold Middleton 01] – The Chopin Manuscript – S J Rozan , Lee Child, David Corbett, et al (v5.0) (epub).epub (204.55 KB)
Joseph Finder – [Harold Middleton] – Watchlist (v5).epub (488.96 KB)
Joseph Finder – [Nick Heller 01] – Vanished.epub (425.39 KB)
Joseph Finder – [Nick Heller 02] – Buried Secrets.epub (392.95 KB)
Joseph Finder – [Nick Heller 03] – Guilty Minds.epub (637.41 KB)
Joseph Finder – [Nick Heller 04] – House on Fire.epub (472.34 KB)
Joseph Finder – [Nick Heller 2.5] – Plan B.epub (136.84 KB)
Joseph Finder, David Baldacci – Faceoff (v5).epub (3.21 MB)
Joseph Finder, Lee Child – Good & Valuable Consideration (v5).epub (1.07 MB)

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