Jennifer Prince – Eat Like a Farm Girl; 3 Ingredient Plant Based Recipes

Jennifer Prince – Eat Like a Farm Girl; 3 Ingredient Plant Based Recipes

Ingredient Plant Based Recipes by Prince, Jennifer (

The hardest part about healthy eating? Vegetables are perishable! 
After years of growing, selling, and cooking plant based foods, I have finally learned a few tricks that help me to make the most of my fruits & vegetables before they begin to rot, stink, smell, & slime away in my fridge. These easy fixes have done a lot for my marriage, my counter top, and for my health. 
In Eat Like A Farm Girl, I will help you master a plant based diet with simple and achievable recipes that focus on: flavor, nutrition, & just 3 Plant Based Ingredients! These recipes and techniques are perfect for busy people and those who really want to live simply and sustainably. No more rotting, stinking, slime-bombs in the fridge. No more food wasting!
Learn about stocking a plant based pantry, developing a daily menu, and creating your own 3 ingredient plant based recipes. Over 90 recipes in all, including 12 just for kale! 
The meals I’ve created are all about using your hands-on kitchen time to produce restaurant quality condiments & ‘go-withs’ that take vegetables to the next level in minutes. Now, when your vegetables are ready, so are you!

"Looking for Culinary Inspiration? Here it is!"– Susan
"Finally, a simple, useful and delicious cookbook I can use for every occasion! Eat Like A Farm Girl" is one of the first cookbooks that I feel I will actually use! The recipes are simple, descriptive, and are all partnered with a gorgeous photo!" – Mandy
"Inspiring! This book shows how to dress up and create new flavors very simply from ordinary plants so you can benefit from nutritious, delicious home-grown crops. As an added bonus, there are great photos to go with most recipes so you can whet your visual appetite. And even if you don’t grow your own food, you can still use the ideas for farmer’s market produce!" – Camptalk
"Everyone with a garden or CSA should get this! This demystifies some of those curious veggies and gives you an easy plan for them. All the recipes have flexibility and the pantry plan is a great tool. Even a recipe for cake without flour or sugar!" – Amber
"This is my type of cooking!What a wonderful, motivating book… I finished reading this book and immediately wanted to run out and get my hands on some fresh food!" – K

Wonderful, fresh, simple ideas for veggies!,– MaryAnn

About the Author
Jennifer Prince is a dedicated nutrient-dense gardener living in Vermont’s Lake Champlain Islands. On her backyard farm she grows over forty varieties of fruit and hundreds of vegetables, including brown rice, hardy winter greens, figs, artichokes, peaches, mulberries, plums and cherries. She also keeps honey bees and the sweetest laying hens.
In addition to creating recipes and freezing her home harvests, she practices gardening techniques that aim to put more vitamins and minerals per calorie into every fruit and vegetable that she grows. She loves helping other organic gardeners up the nutrients in their harvests by creating personalized soil mineral prescription blends for their own garden soils. To find out more, visit

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About The Author

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