Jaybbgirl – Family Taboo SPH Challenge

Jaybbgirl – Family Taboo SPH Challenge




Man, that was a pretty crazy party. I can’t believe I stayed in my costume that long, but I’m glad to be in comfy clothes now. You should probably go shower or something. I can get you a towel. They’re in the dryer so I’ll just bring it to you. Alrighty, I’m coming in. Oh! HAHAH! Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. You’re just naked and well. Your cock is super small. I couldn’t help it. Fuck. I wonder if tiny cocks run in the family. It gets bigger? I highly doubt that. I doubt it so much that I’ll make you a deal. if you can get it bigger than 5 inches, you can fuck me. But. If you can’t, then I get to fuck you with a strap on and you have to cum all over yourself. I know there is no way in hell that tiny thing is going to magically grow. It’s hysterical that you think that.


Name: Jaybbgirl – Family Taboo SPH Challengemp4
Format: mp4 – : 969.24 MB – 00:28:02 – 1920 x 1080

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