Jason Pinter collection

Jason Pinter collection

<p>Zeke Bartholomew has always dreamed of being a spy. But when a case of mistaken identity goes horribly wrong, he’s thrust into a world of real-life espionage beyond his wildest dreams. Soon this 7th grade nobody finds himself hunted by the lava-powered behemoth Ragnarok, aided by a mysterious butt-kicking girl who goes only by the codename ‘Sparrow’, while trying to stop the evil mastermind Le CarrĂ© from unleashing a device that will turn millions of kids around the world into brainwashed zombie minions. Zeke has always been a zero, and unless he can fumble his way towards becoming a hero, the world is doomed…<p>Full of action, humor, suspense, and more impractical spy gadgets than you can imagine, Zeke Bartholomew is a hero for a new generation. The fate of the world is in his hands! (uh oh…)

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Books list:

Jason Pinter – Faking Life (epub).epub (751.12 KB)
Jason Pinter – The Castle.epub (702.23 KB)
Jason Pinter – [Henry Parker 01] – The Mark (retail) (epub).epub (689.11 KB)
Jason Pinter – [Henry Parker 02] – The Guilty (retail) (epub).epub (518.63 KB)
Jason Pinter – [Henry Parker 03] – The Stolen (v5.1) (epub).epub (699.94 KB)
Jason Pinter – [Henry Parker 04] – The Fury (v5.0) (epub).epub (291.45 KB)
Jason Pinter – [Henry Parker 05] – The Darkness (v5.0) (epub).epub (364.52 KB)
Jason Pinter – [Henry Parker] – The Hunters (epub).epub (431.33 KB)
Jason Pinter – [Zeke Bartholomew 01] – Zeke Bartholomew; Superspy! (retail) (epub).epub (1.26 MB)

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