James Maxwell collection

James Maxwell collection

James Maxwell collection

From the day Ella witnesses an enchanter using his talents to save her brother’s life, she knows what she wants to be. But the elite Academy of Enchanters expects tuition fees and knowledge. Determined, Ella sells flowers and studies every book she can. Meanwhile her brother, Miro, dreams of becoming one of the world’s finest swordsmen, wielding his nation’s powerful enchanted weapons in defense of his homeland.

A dark force rises in the east, conquering all in its path, and Miro leaves for the front. When the void Miro left is filled by Killian, a charming stranger from another land, Ella finds herself in love. But Killian has a secret, and Ella’s actions will determine the fate of her brother, her homeland, and the world.

This is the first book in the epic Evermen Saga



A Girl From Nowhere by James Maxwell (The Firewall Trilogy #1)\
Everman Saga\
Iron Will by James Maxwell\
James Maxwell – Evermen 01 – Enchantress\
Lore of the Evermen\
Maxwell, James – [Evermen Saga 02] – The Hidden Relic (epub mobi)\
Maxwell, James – [Evermen Saga 03] – The Path of the Storm (epub mobi)\
Seven Words of Power – James Maxwell\
A World of Secrets – James Maxwell.epub
Golden Age (The Shifting Tides – James Maxwell.epub
James Maxwell – The Shifting Tides#3 – Copper Chain.epub
Lonely Planet Turkey – Lonely Planet (EPUB).epub
Silver Road – James Maxwell.epub
Silver Road – James Maxwell.mobi


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