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Tom Hawke—Hardcase—was a member of the super-powered group known as The Squad. As “Ultras,” they were used to easily overwhelming any foe. But on March 10, 1992, they fought their first really powerful enemy—another Ultra. That battle ended in disaster, leaving two Squad members dead and a third crippled. Hardcase was the only one to really pull through.

Hardcase gave up crime fighting after that and used his abilities to become a famed action movie actor. Once he had been a hero, but now he swore to avoid such danger. All that changed when a super-powered being named Headknocker began slaughtering innocents in a bank robbery, scarcely a mile from where Hardcase was shooting a movie. Hardcase stepped in and stopped the carnage, but it was too late for some of Headknocker’s victims. This tragedy taught Hardcase a powerful lesson, and he once again joined the fight against crime.



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