Greg Iles collection

Greg Iles collection

Sometimes the price of justice is a good man’s soul.
The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Natchez Burning trilogy returns with an electrifying tale of friendship, betrayal, and shattering secrets that threaten to destroy a small Mississippi town.
“[A] compulsively readable thriller. Iles once again delivers a sweeping tale of family dysfunction, sexually charged secrets, and the power of wealth, with an overlay of violence and Southern sensibility.”
   – Publishers Weekly (starred review)
When Marshall McEwan left his Mississippi hometown at eighteen, he vowed never to return. The trauma that drove him away spurred him to become one of the most successful journalists in Washington, DC. But as the ascendancy of a chaotic administration lifts him from print fame to television stardom, Marshall discovers that his father is terminally ill, and he must return home to face the unfinished business of his past.
On arrival, he finds Bienville, Mississippi very much changed.  His family’s 150-year-old newspaper is failing; and Jet Turner, the love of his youth, has married into the family of Max Matheson, one of a dozen powerful patriarchs who rule the town through the exclusive Bienville Poker Club.  To Marshall’s surprise, the Poker Club has taken a town on the brink of extinction and offered it salvation, in the form of a billion-dollar Chinese paper mill.  But on the verge of the deal being consummated, two murders rock Bienville to its core, threatening far more than the city’s economic future.
An experienced journalist, Marshall has seen firsthand how the corrosive power of money and politics can sabotage investigations. Joining forces with his former lover-who through her husband has access to the secrets of the Poker Club-Marshall begins digging for the truth behind those murders.  But he and Jet soon discover that the soil of Mississippi is a minefield where explosive secrets can destroy far more than injustice.  The South is a land where everyone hides truths: of blood and children, of love and shame, of hate and murder-of damnation and redemption.  The Poker Club’s secret reaches all the way to Washington, D.C., and could shake the foundations of the U.S. Senate.  But by the time Marshall grasps the long-buried truth about his own history, he would give almost anything not to have to face it.

“With a paralyzing twist that will leave you speechless, Iles has created a completely original and unforgettable tale.” (Iron*Mountain Daily News***)
“Iles. has made Mississippi his own in the same way that James Lee Burke has claimed Cajun country and Michael Connelly has remapped contemporary Los Angeles. They will be talking about this one for a quite awhile.” (Booklist (starred review))
“[A] compulsively readable thriller. Iles once again delivers a sweeping tale of family dysfunction, sexually charged secrets, and the power of wealth, with an overlay of violence and Southern sensibility.” (Publishers Weekly(starred review))
“Natchez Burning is extraordinarily entertaining and fiendishly suspenseful. I defy you to start it and find a way to put it down; as long as it is, I wished it were longer…. This is an amazing work of popular fiction.” (Stephen King)
“Natchez Burning is possibly his best yet . . . This epic story is electrifying from beginning to end, un-put-downable, a gripping read.” (Delta Magazine)
“The first in a trilogy whose themes of race relations, Southern tradition, and the corrupting nature of power are expertly woven throughout a powerful story . . . Natchez Burning is perhaps the best thriller to come along in years. Memorable, intricate, and expertly crafted.” (Memphis Commercial Appeal)
“The thriller of the year, of the decade even, is Natchez Burning… The first of a projected trilogy, Natchez Burning is Penn Cage’s fourth outing. But you don’t need to read its predecessors to be wholly consumed by this wonderful book. Buy, read, and marvel.” (The Times (London))
“Iles carries it off with style, intelligence and passion…The Bone Tree’ is filled with menace, betrayal, [and] unexpected plot twists. . . [and] is a very American epic-in-progress that leaves us waiting, none too patiently, for whatever revelations are still to come.” (Washington Post)
“Absolutely compelling.. A beautifully constructed story [and] some extremely fine writing.” (Booklist (starred review) on *The Bone Tree*)
“Richly plotted.[and] the action-packed narrative moves swiftly to a surprising and moving conclusion.” (Publishers Weekly on *The Bone Tree*)

About the Author
Greg Iles spent most of his youth in Natchez, Mississippi. His first novel, Spandau Phoenix, was the first of thirteen New York Timesbestsellers, and his new trilogy continues the story of Penn Cage, protagonist of The Quiet Game, Turning Angel, and #1 New York Timesbestseller The Devil’s Punchbowl. Iles’s novels have been made into films and published in more than thirty-five countries. He lives in Natchez with his wife and has two children.

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Books list:

Greg Iles – Blood Memory (v5.0).epub (515.59 KB)
Greg Iles – Cemetery Road (retail).epub (1.04 MB)
Greg Iles – The Footprints of God (Dark Matter) (retail).epub (428.56 KB)
Greg Iles – Third Degree.epub (365.67 KB)
Greg Iles – True Evil (epub).epub (558.09 KB)
Greg Iles – [Mississippi 01] – Mortal Fear (retail) (epub).epub (552.73 KB)
Greg Iles – [Mississippi 02] – 24 Hours Aka Trapped (v5).epub (329.43 KB)
Greg Iles – [Mississippi 03] – Dead Sleep (retail) (epub).epub (398.47 KB)
Greg Iles – [Mississippi 04] – Sleep No More.epub (622.54 KB)
Greg Iles – [Penn Cage 01] – The Quiet Game (epub).epub (499.28 KB)
Greg Iles – [Penn Cage 02] – Turning Angel.epub (466.5 KB)
Greg Iles – [Penn Cage 03] – The Devil’s Punchbowl.epub (671.72 KB)
Greg Iles – [Penn Cage 04] – Natchez Burning.epub (908.27 KB)
Greg Iles – [Penn Cage 05] – The Bone Tree.epub (905.16 KB)
Greg Iles – [Penn Cage 06] – Mississippi Blood.epub (1.02 MB)
Greg Iles – [Penn Cage 3.5] – The Death Factory (epub).epub (158.28 KB)
Greg Iles – [World War II 01] – Spandau Phoenix (US) (retail) (epub).epub (931.1 KB)
Greg Iles – [World War II 02] – Black Cross (retail) (epub).epub (765.18 KB)

About The Author

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