Greg Hurwitz collection

Greg Hurwitz collection

Experience a heart-pumping and thrilling tale of suspense!
Originally published in THRILLER (2006), edited by #1
New York Times bestselling author James Patterson.
In this intense Thriller Short, New York Times bestselling author Gregg Hurwitz once again explores justice versus the law. Here his research for his deputy US marshal character, Tim Rackley from The Kill Clause and Troubleshooter, comes into full focus.
Laura Hillman runs a bar near a prison, and she is also quite lonely. When Brian Dyer arrives to have a drink, she’s enamored with his charm and sense of honor. An attempted robbery puts a bullet in Brian’s foot, but he’s able to force the thief to flee. But from all appearances, the thief is going to come back, and this time lives will be on the line.
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Books list:

Gregg Hurwitz – Dirty Weather (retail) (epub).epub (263.95 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – Do No Harm.epub (428.56 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – Don’t Look Back (v5).epub (913.15 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – Minutes to Burn.epub (548.14 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – Tell No Lies (v5).epub (696.56 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – The Crime Writer (v5).epub (512.17 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – The Survivor (v5).epub (726.48 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – The Tower (v5).epub (924.58 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – They’re Watching Aka Or She Dies (v5).epub (626.94 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – Trust No One Aka We Know (v5).epub (683.88 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – You’re Next (v5).epub (537.94 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 001] – Orphan X (retail) (epub).epub (620.3 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 002] – The Nowhere Man (retail (epub).epub (772.46 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 002] – The Nowhere Man.epub (453.57 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 003] – Hellbent (retail) (epub).epub (815.27 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 003] – Hellbent.epub (601.19 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 004] – Out of the Dark.epub (1.46 MB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 005] – Into the Fire (retail) (epub).epub (716.44 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 01.5] – Buy a Bullet (retail) (epub).epub (268.79 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 01.5] – Buy a Bullet.epub (265.96 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 03.5] – The Intern (retail) (epub).epub (387.06 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Orphan X 03.5] – The Intern.epub (497.86 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Rains 01] – The Rains (retail).epub (521.86 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Rains 02] – Last Chance.epub (3.39 MB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Tim Rackley 01] -The Kill Clause (v5.0) (epub).epub (811.16 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Tim Rackley 02] – The Program (v5).epub (1.1 MB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Tim Rackley 03] – Troubleshooter (v5).epub (1.6 MB)
Gregg Hurwitz – [Tim Rackley 04] – Last Shot.epub (491.27 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz, James Patterson (ed) – Thriller- Stories to Keep You Up All Night -v5.epub (646.79 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz, Lee Child – First Thrills, Volume 3 (v5).epub (259.39 KB)
Gregg Hurwitz, Stuart M Kaminsky – Show Business is Murder (v5).epub (366.56 KB)

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