EnigmaMGF – Mommy’s Bedridden Boy

EnigmaMGF Mommy’s Bedridden Boy

EnigmaMGF – Mommy’s Bedridden Boy





You’ve been sick & confined to your bed, so mommy sneaks into your room to check on you. I watch you lovingly as you dream & kiss your face. Careful not to wake you, I start picking up your room & find one of my bras covered in cum. Aroused, I start to lick my bra & touch my breasts. I start kissing you passionately & you wake up. I tell you that it’s time to get you washed up & I return with a different outfit & roleplay that I’ve giving you a sponge bath. The entire video is in POV. No dildo. Simulated penetration. I pretend that you splash me with water so I have to take my bra & thong off. Your cock is noticeably getting hard & I can’t help but ogle you. I slowly start to strip naked & then confess that I found the bra, assuring you not to be embarrassed, that everything is ok. I tell you to lay back & let me take care of you. The rest of the vid is POV riding & missionary positions as I talk dirty & ask for your cum.


Name: EnigmaMGF Mommy’s Bedridden Boymp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 215.53 MB – 00:21:43 – 1280 x 720
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