Ella Brooke, Sophia Lynn – Prince’s Babies: A Royal Baby Romance Boxed Set

Ella Brooke, Sophia Lynn – Prince’s Babies: A Royal Baby Romance Boxed Set

Each book in the Prince’s Babies Series can be read as a standalone.

★Book One: Prince’s Baby Scandal★

That girl in the club.

It was a one night thing
That turned my world upside down.
My royal blood gave me it all.
A life others can only dream of.
Los Angeles was supposed to be about the future.
Finding my betrothed and bringing her home.
I never counted on meeting her.
Beautiful, sensual May.
A maid.
A bartender.
Everything I shouldn’t want.
Everything I can’t have.
But I’ve never wanted anything more.
Especially now that she’s carrying my child.

But being a prince is no easy thing.
Now there are lies.
There are games.
And there are people who’ll do anything to keep the two of us apart.

★Book Two: Prince’s Surrogate Baby Daughter★

It was just an arrangement, a necessity. Until we broke all the rules.

That was the only thing at stake.
And for my family,
My people,
I had to do my part.
They were my only true obligations.
And then she came along:
Sweet little Hannah.

She was desperate,
And so was I.
I needed a surrogate to bear a child for my fiancée.
Hannah needed money to save her art studio.
A simple contract.
Or so it seemed.
Because soon those doe-like eyes,
Pink bow lips,
Long, lean legs,
And undulating curves
Had me all off-kilter.
All I wanted was to have her.
Explore her.
F@#k her.
So, I did.
Several times.
And we were discreet.
Well, for the most part.
Now, there’s damning footage of us;
Footage that could disgrace a monarchy.
But I refuse to give Hannah up.
I never wanted a princess,
Yet now.
I won’t settle for anyone but her.

★Book Three: Prince’s Forgotten Baby Son★

I was never an “all-in” kind of guy. but she was a game changer.

I only had one priority.
Responsibility to my family.
To my obligations.
It wasn’t a choice;
It was a necessity.
No exemptions.

But life is not without its curveballs.
And her name was Vanessa.
An American beauty I had to seduce.
And pillage.
Just for a little while, of course.
Five years later,
The guilt was still with me.
I was the epitome of the phrase,
“Love ’em then leave ’em.”
And when I saw Vanessa again.
Hmm. time had only made her more beautiful.
I wanted to pick up right where we’d left off.
Over and over again.
There was just one catch.
She had a son.
My son.

Now, my family wants me to ditch her again.
They don’t think the kid’s mine.
And I have to admit –
I don’t know for sure.
But I do know two things:

I’m not the man I used to be.
And I’m not abandoning anyone.

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