Don Winslow collection

Don Winslow collection

Neal Carey is not your usual private eye. A graduate student at Columbia University, he grew up on the streets of New York, usually on the wrong side of the law. Then he met Joe Graham, a one-armed P.I. who introduced him to the Bank, an exclusive New England institution with a sideline in keeping its wealthy clients happy and out of trouble. They pay Neal’s college tuition, and Neal gets an education that can’t be found in any textbook– from learning how to trail a suspect to mastering the proper way to search a room.

Now its payback time. The Bank wants Neal to put his skills to work in finding Allie Chase, the rebellious teenage daughter of a prominent senator. The problem: Allie has gone underground in London, and to get her back, Neal has to follow her into the punk scene, a violent netherworld where drugs run rampant and rage is the name of the game. Up against punk junkies, antique book thieves, and murderous betrayal, Neal has his work cut out for him to save Allie– and get back above ground for good.

From Publishers Weekly
This ambitious but technically unsophisticated first entry in a series features street-wise New Yorker Neal Carey, a 23-year-old graduate student of 18th-century literature. Neal is directed by Friends of the Family, a discreet, private investigation agency for which he works, to find Allie Chase, the teenage, drug-addicted daughter of a U.S. senator and presidential hopeful. Allie is somewhere in England and must be returned to the States before the Democratic Convention nine weeks away. Neal finds Allie but is forced to use his cunning to bring her home; at the same time he suspects someone from the agency is trying to kill him. Winslow guides us on a tour of punk 1976 London and introduces some colorful characters. But this first novel loses much of its punch because Winslow overloads beginning chapters with his hero’s personal history rather than pacing the plot with relevant details. Neal is a distant hero whose escapades seem artificially linked.
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"A fresh voice, immensely likeable…Winslow shows he’s got what it takes to hook a reader…Where he goes next with Neal is anyone’s guess, but it’s bound to be a great ride."–Mystery Scene

"Winslow keeps his plot moving quickly despite many twists and turns."–Pittsburgh Press

"A flair for language, quick wit, and detail complete a winning first novel."–Library Journal

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Books list:

A Cool Breeze On The Undergroun – Don Winslow.epub (619.82 KB)
A Long Walk Up the Waterslide – Don Winslow.epub (1.71 MB)
Power of the Dog – Don Winslow.epub (978.27 KB)
The Cartel – Don Winslow.epub (711.78 KB)
The Force – Don Winslow.epub (686.94 KB)
The Power of the Dog – Don Winslow.epub (3.32 MB)
The Trail To Buddha’s Mirror – Don Winslow.epub (1.66 MB)
Way Down on the High Lonely – Don Winslow.epub (1.71 MB)
While Drowning in the Desert – Don Winslow.epub (1.65 MB)

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