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Dead Boy Detectives 1-12  Dead Boy Detectives,
v01 – Schoolboy Terrors
V02 – Ghost Snow (2015)


Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland are no different than most boys. They love adventure, games and spending time outdoors. They’re curious about girls, curious about life and particularly curious when it comes to mysteries. You see, Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland happen to be two of the best detectives in England.

Note that we didn’t say living in England. That’s because Edwin and Charles aren’t living in England. In fact, they’re not living at all.

Created by Neil Gaiman and born in the pages of The Sandman, Edwin (died 1916) and Charles (died 1990) met their ends early in life. And that’s when things started getting interesting. Since their deaths, the young detectives have solved some of the most harrowing mysteries to hit the hallowed halls of St. Hilarion’s School for Boys. However, there’s one great mystery they haven’t yet cracked—the mystery of their own deaths.

A spinoff of the characters created by Neil Gaiman in Sandman.

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