David Ignatius collection

David Ignatius collection

"A dynamic thriller with the coolest, smartest journalist that fiction ever produced."-Ben Bradlee, Washington PostWhen rising-star reporter Eric Truell accepts information from a maverick CIA agent, he becomes enmeshed in an international trade war in which even his own newspaper may be an unsuspecting participant. When Eric’s sources tell him there is a spy inside the newsroom, he is tempted to cross a dangerous professional line and risk his career-possibly even his life-to find the truth.

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Books list:

David Ignatius – A Firing Offense (retail).epub (1.5 MB)
David Ignatius – Agents of Innocence (v5.0) (epub).epub (415.08 KB)
David Ignatius – Bloodmoney (v5.0) (epub).epub (362.03 KB)
David Ignatius – Body of Lies (mobi).mobi (415.17 KB)
David Ignatius – Siro.mobi (646.36 KB)
David Ignatius – The Bank of Fear.epub (898.57 KB)
David Ignatius – The Director (epub).epub (406.41 KB)
David Ignatius – The Increment (epub).epub (342.87 KB)
David Ignatius – The Paladin.epub (1.15 MB)
David Ignatius – The Quantum Spy (retail).epub (2.11 MB)
David Ignatius – The Sun King (retail) (epub).epub (474.7 KB)

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