David Gilman collection

David Gilman collection

Winter, 1361.
After two decades of conflict, the war is finally over. The English should be enjoying the spoils of victory, but Thomas Blackstone is still fighting.
The French king may have capitulated, signed a treaty and ceded lands, but the warlords who have been fighting over the carcass of his kingdom are in no mind to honour a defeated King’s promises. If the English want their prize, they’ll have to fight for it: Thomas Blackstone will have to fight for it.
By siege and skirmish, Blackstone pushes deep into the contested territories. But every bloody victory only tightens the snare around his neck. Someone has a score to settle with the scar-faced Englishman. Peace, Blackstone will discover, can be more lethal than war.

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Books list:

David Gilman – Monkey and Me (retail) (epub).epub (693.97 KB)
David Gilman – Night Flight To Paris.mobi (1.34 MB)
David Gilman – The Last Horseman (retail) (epub).epub (2.9 MB)
David Gilman – [Danger Zone 01] – The Devil’s Breath.epub (2.16 MB)
David Gilman – [Danger Zone 02] – Ice Claw.epub (2.19 MB)
David Gilman – [Danger Zone 03] – Blood Sun.epub (2.52 MB)
David Gilman – [Master of War 01] – Master of War (epub).epub (1.57 MB)
David Gilman – [Master of War 02] – Defiant Unto Death (retail) (epub).epub (2.09 MB)
David Gilman – [Master of War 03] – Gate of the Dead (retail) (epub).epub (2.43 MB)
David Gilman – [Master of War 04] – Viper’s Blood.epub (2.38 MB)
David Gilman – [Master of War 05] – Scourge of Wolves.epub (3.6 MB)

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