Daniel José Older collection

Daniel José Older collection


“This book is true fire. It is everything I didn’t even know I needed.” – Jacqueline Woodson
“This is the story that would’ve made me fall in love with reading when I was a kid.” – Tomi Adeyemi

It’s 1863 and dinosaurs roam the streets of New York as the Civil War rages between raptor-mounted armies down South. Magdalys Roca and her friends from the Colored Orphan Asylum are on a field trip when the Draft Riots break out, and a number of their fellow orphans are kidnapped by an evil magistrate, Richard Riker.
Magdalys and her friends flee to Brooklyn and settle in the Dactyl Hill neighborhood, where black and brown New Yorkers have set up an independent community-a safe haven from the threats of Manhattan. Together with the Vigilance Committee, they train to fly on dactylback, discover new friends and amazing dinosaurs, and plot to take down Riker. Can Magdalys and the squad rescue the rest of their friends before it’s too late?

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Books list:

Daniel Jose Older – The Book of Lost Saints.epub (8.04 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Bone Street Rumba 01] – Half Resurrection Blues (v5).epub (2.29 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Bone Street Rumba 02] – Midnight Taxi Tango.epub (2.43 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Bone Street Rumba 03] – Battle Hill Bolero (v5).epub (1.88 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Bone Street Rumba] – Anyway; Angie (v5).epub (108.52 KB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Bone Street Rumba] – Ginga (v5).epub (171.91 KB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Bone Street Rumba] – Kia & Gio (v5).epub (524.85 KB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Bone Street Rumba] – Salsa Nocturna.epub (1.37 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Dactyl Hill Squad 01] – Dactyl Hill Squad.epub (30.62 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Shadowshaper 01] – Shadowshaper (retail) (epub).epub (857.17 KB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Shadowshaper 02] – Shadowhouse Fall (retail).epub (10.08 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Shadowshaper 03] – Shadowshaper Legacy.epub (18.84 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Shadowshaper Cypher 01] – Ghost Girl in the Corner (v5).epub (457.56 KB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Shadowshaper Cypher 02] – Dead Light March (retail).epub (8.56 MB)
Daniel Jose Older – [Star Wars] – Last Shot (epub).epub (6.62 MB)
Daniel Jose Older, Jon Scieszka – Terrifying Tales (v5).epub (7.11 MB)
Daniel Jose Older, Rose Fox (ed) – Long Hidden – Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History (epub).epub (3.25 MB)

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