Connor Whiteley – Winter’s Hunt

Connor Whiteley – Winter’s Hunt

The Darkness will Die, that is a promise!
With the Cult revealed and their grip upon the world realised, I; Empress Abbigail; have to obliterate these abominations before they can do any more damage upon the world. But how do you find people in the shadows?
Well, it’s not easy as the High Priestess and the Death Cult of Assassins have to prevent a diabolic plot from plunging an entire region into a bloody war, but with foes seemingly everywhere can it be done without her sacrificing herself?
Meanwhile, I have to trace the corridors of political power at the Global Security Force but as the Cultist in the shadows start to make their move to siege power and force tens of countries and billions of people under their tyrannical rule. Can I stop them in time before all is lost?
Yet am I hunting the Cult or are they hunting me…
If you enjoy fantasy trilogy books with swords, sorcery, assassins, dragons, magic and more then this is the book for you as…

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