Chris Nickson collection

Chris Nickson collection

1364: The plague has returned and fear fills the air as the pestilence claims its first victims in Chesterfield. When the local priest vanishes, John the Carpenter believes the man is simply scared – until he discovers a body left in an empty house. Charged with finding the murderer by the coroner, John must dig deep into the past to discover who in the present has enough hatred to kill. But as the roll of the dead grows longer, can he keep his family safe from malign forces outside of his control? The third title in a gripping series following the best-selling titles The Crooked Spire and The Saltergate Psalter.

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Books list:
Chris Nickson – [Dan Markham 01] – Dark Briggate Blues (v5).epub
Chris Nickson – [Dan Markham 02] – The New Eastgate Swing.epub
Chris Nickson – [Inspector Tom Harper 01] – Gods of Gold (v5).epub
Chris Nickson – [Inspector Tom Harper 02] – Two Bronze Pennies (v5).epub
Chris Nickson – [Inspector Tom Harper 03] – Skin Like Silver.epub
Chris Nickson – [Inspector Tom Harper 04] – The Iron Water.epub
Chris Nickson – [Inspector Tom Harper 05] – On Copper Street.epub
Chris Nickson – [Inspector Tom Harper 06] – The Tin God.epub
Chris Nickson – [Inspector Tom Harper 07] – The Leaden Heart.epub
Chris Nickson – [John the Carpenter 01] – The Crooked Spire (v5).epub
Chris Nickson – [John the Carpenter 02] – The Saltergate Psalter (retail) (epub).epub
Chris Nickson – [John the Carpenter 03] – The Holywell Dead.epub
Chris Nickson – [Laura Benton 01] – Emerald City (v5).epub
Chris Nickson – [Laura Benton 02] – West Seattle Blues (v5.0).epub
Chris Nickson – [Richard Nottingham 01] – The Broken Token (v5) (epub).epub
Chris Nickson – [Richard Nottingham 02] – Cold Cruel Winter (v5) (epub).epub
Chris Nickson – [Richard Nottingham 03] – The Constant Lovers (v5) (epub).epub
Chris Nickson – [Richard Nottingham 04] – Come the Fear (v5) (epub).epub
Chris Nickson – [Richard Nottingham 05] – At the Dying of the Year (v5) (epub).epub
Chris Nickson – [Richard Nottingham 06] – Fair & Tender Ladies (v5).epub
Chris Nickson – [Richard Nottingham 07] – Free from all Danger (v5).epub
Chris Nickson – [Richard Nottingham 4.5] – Convalescence.epub
Chris Nickson – [Simon Westlow Mystery 01] – The Hanging Psalm.epub
Chris Nickson – [WAPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery 01] – Modern Crimes.epub
Chris Nickson – [WAPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery 02] – The Year of the Gun (retail).epub
Chris Nickson – Solid Air.epub
Chris Nickson – Superhero.epub


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