Chris D’Lacey collection

Chris D’Lacey collection

There’s something a bit weird about Ralph’s new neighbour, Jack Bilt, and it isn’t long before Ralph finds out the strange secret. Jack Bilt has managed to get his hands on a powerful miniaturisation device and has been using it on people! He’s been moving around the country to hide the fact that he has created a mini work-force to work on a miniaturised house. Once the house is complete, he plans to use it as a fairground attraction, rather like an old-fashioned freak show. Time is running out, and soon Ralph finds himself miniaturised too…

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Books list:

Chris D’Lacey – [2004] Shrinking Ralph Perfect.epub (810.06 KB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Dragons of Wayward Crescent 01.0] Gruffen.epub (1.17 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Dragons of Wayward Crescent 02.0] Gauge.epub (1.1 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Dragons of Wayward Crescent 03.0] Glade.epub (1.22 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Dragons of Wayward Crescent 04.0] Grabber.epub (1.38 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Erth Dragons 01.0] The Wearle.epub (1.03 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Erth Dragons 02.0] Dark Wyng.epub (8.97 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Erth Dragons 03.0] The New Age.epub (9.96 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Fly, Cherokee, Fly 01.0] Fly, Cherokee Fly.epub (878.31 KB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Last Dragon 01.0] The Fire Within.epub (672.61 KB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Last Dragon 02.0] Icefire.epub (294.16 KB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Last Dragon 03.0] Fire Star.epub (865.32 KB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Last Dragon 04.0] The Fire Eternal.epub (2.65 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Last Dragon 05.0] Dark Fire.epub (341.18 KB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Last Dragon 06.0] Fire World.epub (406.25 KB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Last Dragon 07.0] The Fire Ascending.epub (535.26 KB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Last Dragon 08.0] Rain & Fire.epub (3.01 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Unicorne Files 01.0] A Dark Inheritance.epub (7.57 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Unicorne Files 02.0] Alexander’s Army.epub (10.2 MB)
Chris D’Lacey – [Unicorne Files 03.0] A Crown of Dragons.epub (10.8 MB)

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