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Cat Sebastian collection

When Amelia Allenby escaped a stifling London ballroom for the quiet solitude of the Derbyshire countryside, the very last thing she wanted was an extremely large, if—she grudgingly admits—passably attractive man disturbing her daily walks. Lecturing the surveyor about property rights doesn’t work and, somehow, he has soon charmed his way into lemon cakes, long walks, and dangerously heady kisses.
The very last place Sydney wished to be was in the shadow of the ruins of Pelham Hall, the inherited property that stole everything from him. But as he awaits his old friend, the Duke of Hereford, he finds himself increasingly captivated by the maddeningly lovely and exceptionally odd Amelia. He quickly finds that keeping his ownership of Pelham Hall a secret is as impossible as keeping himself from falling in love with her.
But when the Duke of Hereford arrives, Sydney’s ruse is revealed and what started out as a delicate deception has become a love too powerful…

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Books list:

Cat Sebastian – [Regency Impostors 03] – A Delicate Deception.epub (697.49 KB)
Cat Sebastian – [Seducing the Sedgwicks 01] – It Takes Two to Tumble.epub (399.63 KB)
Cat Sebastian – [Seducing the Sedgwicks 02] – A Gentleman Never Keeps Score.epub (1.73 MB)
Cat Sebastian – [Seducing the Sedgwicks 03] – Two Rogues Make a Right.epub (1.02 MB)
Cat Sebastian – [The Regency Impostors 02] – A Duke in Disguise.epub (1.92 MB)
Hither Page (Page & Sommers Boo – Cat Sebastian.azw3 (338 KB)
Hither Page (Page & Sommers Boo – Cat Sebastian.epub (237.58 KB)
Hither Page (Page & Sommers Boo – Cat (304 KB)
Ruin of a Rake, The – Cat Sebastian.epub (1.93 MB)
The Lawrence Browne Affair – Cat Sebastian.epub (362.56 KB)
The Soldiers Scoundrel.epub (973.78 KB)
Unmasked by the Marquess – Cat Sebastian.epub (708.43 KB)

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