C. R. Daems collection

C. R. Daems collection

A hundred years ago, a treaty joined the seven provinces under a King and created a system of equal justice for nobles and commoners. The treaty prevented a revolution by the commoners and an end to nobility. The Sisters of Astraea were proclaimed the Judicators of the land because they could tell truth from lie. A gift-a golden viper-bestowed on each by the god Naga.

Now many nobles want to go back to being above the law. DUKE CHANEY is using this discontent to raise an army against the King and the judicators.

JOLA, a newly promoted judicator and Sister of Astraea, sets out with her mentor, TENZEN, to investigate the growing hostility.

Pretending it’s a normal training circuit, Jola judges a variety of tangled cases-the perception of truth is not the same as truth-involving deceit, assault, and murder as they travel through the provinces.

Having started life as a homeless child and later a bonded servant, Jola has an unconventional perspective and style-and a viper to match.

Trained at the monastery in the art of the sword, Jola and Tenzen are tested repeatedly. They encounter revenge, greed, and the desire for power while attempting to discover who is behind the unrest and violence. When they enter the provinces allied with Duke Chaney, they must defend themselves against repeated attacks. In the process Jola is captured by Chaney and imprisoned. A duel of wits ensues and she escapes. Reunited with Tenzen, they return to inform the King that Duke Chaney has assembled an army and intends to break the treaty.

The King sends an army accompanied by Jola and Tenzen to ensure justice not revenge. On the way, Tenzen is assassinated and Jola seriously injured. She is devastated but determined to continue although she has doubts about her ability to carry on in Tenzen’s place. As the army proceeds through the provinces, she encounters a small child of the streets, KIT. A child she learns to love and takes as her ward.

Jola and a small contingent outmaneuver Chaney when they capture his undermanned stronghold and cut off his safe retreat from the King’s army. He loses the final battle against the King’s forces and is captured. The death of Tenzen makes its Jola responsibility to judge Chaney and his supporters. He is sentenced to death, and his supporters are rooted out and punished. The war over, Jola sets out with her ward for the judicator’s monastery. She is accosted on the way by father and son intent on revenge for a previous judgment. Jola prevails with a little help from Kit. The journey ends when Kit’s future home, the Monastery of Astraea, comes into sight.

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Books list:

C R Daems & J R Tomlin – Scales of Justice (epub).epub (290.82 KB)
C R Daems – Blood Duty – J. R. Tomlin.epub (232.31 KB)
C R Daems – Desperate Measures.epub (360.54 KB)
C R Daems – Guardians of Evil.epub (354.02 KB)
C R Daems – Retribution Required.epub (391.97 KB)
C R Daems – The Laughing Hounds.epub (333.75 KB)
C R Daems – ZAP Agent Mathis.epub (252.21 KB)
C R Daems – Zara the Wolf (epub).epub (469.4 KB)
C R Daems – [Black Guard 01] – The Black Guard.epub (313.76 KB)
C R Daems – [Black Guard 02] – Evolution.epub (296.72 KB)
C R Daems – [Kazak Guardians 01] – The Kazak Guardians (v5.0).epub (351.22 KB)
C R Daems – [Kazak Guardians 02] – The Unthinkable (v5.0).epub (313.63 KB)
C R Daems – [Kazak Guardians 03] – Megan.epub (298.2 KB)
C R Daems – [Red Angel 01] – Red Angel.epub (290.07 KB)
C R Daems – [Red Angel 02] – Raiders.epub (337.45 KB)
C R Daems – [Red Angel 03] – Hijackers.epub (368.37 KB)
C R Daems – [Red Angel 04] – The Red Admiral.epub (493.38 KB)
C R Daems – [Red Angel 05] – Coup d’etat.epub (545.47 KB)
C R Daems – [Riss 01] – The Riss Gamble (epub).epub (510.33 KB)
C R Daems – [Riss 02] -The Riss Proposal (epub).epub (275.4 KB)
C R Daems – [Riss 03] – The Riss Survival (epub).epub (307.77 KB)
C R Daems – [Riss 04] – The Riss Accession (epub).epub (407.99 KB)
C R Daems – [Riss 05] – The Riss Challenge.epub (320.1 KB)
C R Daems – [Riss 06] – The Riss Enemies.epub (523 KB)
C R Daems – [Shadow Sisters 01] – The Shadow Ryana.epub (431.59 KB)
C R Daems – [Shadow Sisters 02] – The Shadow Gypsy.epub (418.4 KB)
C R Daems – [Tasmanian SFG 01] – Welcome to Hell.epub (305 KB)
C R Daems – [Tasmanian SFG 02] – Devils to Me.epub (345.94 KB)
C. R. Daems & J. R. Tomlin – Talon of the Unnamed Goddess, a Fantasy Adventure.epub (393.32 KB)
C. R. Daems & J. R. Tomlin – Women of Power.epub (408.39 KB)

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