Bill Granger: November Man Series

Bill Granger: November Man Series




Devereaux. Codename November. A brilliant, lethally cool operative,
he was years ago regarded as one of America’s most valuable security

Now courted by the KGB and under threat from the CIA, Devereaux must
foil the planned assassination of England’s richest man and it’s prime
minister in a treacherous war of shadows on the Irish Sea.

Devereaux is both target and triggerman, pawn and master player, the spy
who can never come in from the cold..


1. The November Man (1979)
2. Schism (1981)
3. The Shattered Eye (1982)
4. The British Cross (1983)
5. The Zurich Numbers (1984)
6. Hemingway’s Notebook (1986)
7. There are No Spies (1986)
8. The Infant of Prague (1987)
9. Henry McGee Is Not Dead (1988)
10. Man Who Heard Too Much (1989)
11. League of Terror (1990)
12. The Last Good German (1991)
13. Burning the Apostle (1993)

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