Betty Hechtman collection

Betty Hechtman collection

<p>The Tarzana Hookers crochet club could come apart at the seams when thwarted ambition, shady ethics, and a puzzling murder converge.
Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers are busy crocheting baby blankets for charity, but before long, they’re tangled up in a mystery that may be their unraveling. The Hookers are a tight-knit group, but some of the members harbor secret aspirations. Adele dreams of becoming an actress, and her acting coach has filled her head with promises of a career as a crochet show host. Elise Belmont has earned her real estate license and is itching to show her first house. But when the house’s tenant turns up dead from a pink squirrel cocktail laced with cyanide, the Hookers could be in double treble.
It turns out that the dead man was Adele’s acting coach, Timothy Clark. And Molly gets wound up in the case after accidentally leaving a scarf she designed at the murder scene. Detective Barry Greenberg, one of Molly’s exes, quickly stitches…

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Books list:

Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 01] – Hooked on Murder.epub (277.75 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 02] – Dead Men Don’t Crochet.epub (345.59 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 03] – By Hook or by Crook.epub (451.96 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 04] – A Stitch in Crime.epub (269.97 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 05] – You Better Knot Die (v5.0) (epub).epub (281.34 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 06] – Behind the Seams (epub).epub (322 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 07] – If Hooks Could Kill (epub).epub (395.8 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 08] – For Better or Worsted (epub).epub (488.5 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 09] – Knot Guilty (retail) (epub).epub (2.33 MB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 10] – Seams Like Murder.epub (1.09 MB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 11] – Hooking for Trouble.epub (788.56 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 12] – On the Hook (retail).epub (4.47 MB)
Betty Hechtman – [Crochet Mystery 13] – Hooks Can Be Deceiving.epub (4.36 MB)
Betty Hechtman – [Yarn Retreat Mystery 01] – Yarn to Go (epub).epub (998.88 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Yarn Retreat Mystery 02] – Silence of the Lamb’s Wool (epub).epub (601.42 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Yarn Retreat Mystery 03] – Wound Up in Murder (retail).epub (1.1 MB)
Betty Hechtman – [Yarn Retreat Mystery 04] – Gone with the Wool (retail) (epub).epub (1.54 MB)
Betty Hechtman – [Yarn Retreat Mystery 05] – A Tangled Yarn.epub (948.16 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Yarn Retreat Mystery 06] – Inherit the Wool.epub (508.3 KB)
Betty Hechtman – [Yarn Retreat Mystery 07] – Knot on Your Life.epub (215.71 KB)

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