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Barred by Paisley Walker
Requirements: Epub & Mobi Reader, 2.2MB
Everything was perfect in Kimberly Weston’s life until one tragic night. Kimberly makes one mistake that could end up making her lose everything she has worked so hard to achieve. It can strip her career away from her and the business she’s worked so hard to grow. When she finds out she’s being sued for that mistake she searches for the best lawyers Louisiana can offer. What she finds is something she never saw coming.
Jonathon Phillips and Emerson Stanley are the best lawyers in the state of Louisiana. Both are extremely wealthy and extremely secretive, until they meet Ms. Weston. What do you do when emotions get in the way of business? What happens when you don’t have the means for the help you need? For these three a relationship of passion will ensue, but will it keep Kimberly from getting barred?
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