Barbara Cartland: The Karma of Love

Barbara Cartland: The Karma of Love

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Lady Orissa Fane fled England in haste–her only thought to escape her abusive stepmother–and, enlisting her brother’s aid, she booked passage for India under an assumed identity. Once there, she would join her uncle, Colonel Henry Hobart.

But on board ship was a very handsome and most unpleasant Army Major by the name of Myron Meredith who seemed intent on determining her true identity. Orissa feared she would be discovered and made to return home.

Yet the ocean voyage was to be only the first in a series of extraordinary adventures. When she arrived, India was in a state of turmoil. Her uncle and his forces were besieged on the frontier. And Orissa found that her fate mysteriously lay in the hands of that very same Major Meredith!

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